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Hand held blow torch + mag tube removal?


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Guest cleefurd
Just heat the mag tube and twist it off. I like using the word "just".:D


I would suggest a heat gun, and directing heat to the forward lower inch of the receiver for best results. Almost without fail, they will release at approximately 250F. Harbor Freight has an infra-red thermometer that works suberbly, on sale for $7.99... Yes you read that right. $7.99.


If you place heat directly on the tube, and tube alone, it will dissipate the heat rapidly due to its thin walled cross section, and expand undesirably, which in theory could add difficulty to the removal process. If you do choose to use a torch, I suggest a broad flame, and continuos movement, avoid dwelling with the brightest tip of the flame on the receiver for any pause, depending on the type of torch and setting you may damage it with flame. Heat guns on the other hand tend to be more constant, adjustable, without well defined hot-spots, having well diffused heat patterns, all of which lend themselves better to this purpose. Appy/focus the heat from about mid-way up each forward end, down around the bottom strip just ahead of the loading port to the opposite side, back and forth set at about 400F from a distance of about 1"-2". You may detect the smell of "cooking" the oil, dirt, and thread locker itself, even to the point of seeing whisps of smoke. Don't let this alarm you, but do know you are close if not ready to start twisting when this begins to happen.

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I used a normal propane torch, the same kind that you find at a home depot. Out of paranoia, I disassembled the barrel and removed the bolt. I focused the torch tip on the large hex nut at the base of the factory tube, from the top. Ventilation would have been a good idea, the green loctite type gas that was produced seemed toxic. A strap wrench was unnecessary, working leather glove did the trick, and I'm sure that a cooking mitt would have sufficed. Watch out for the spring and cap, they will shoot out and if you're a fool like me you'll grab them with your bare hands, at roughly 200 degrees.

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Guest cleefurd
Does the heat melt off the camo finish?


This is where a heat gun AND Harbor Freight $7.99 Infra-red thermometer become nearly indespensible. By carefully monitoring temp of receiver (painted) in order to maintain a max surface temp of 250F, your finish will have no problems. Countless 11717 owners have had complete success without optimal tools, all I'm saying is that an ounce of prevention....

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Hi cop1211,


I received my full length magazine tube for my M4 from SOCOMguy yesterday December 26th. By using a Milwaukee 1200 watt heat gun and aiming it at the base of the tube and receiver for about two minutes it loosened the factory Locktite stuff. It was still a bit difficult to turn but I wanted to use as little heat as I could.

The end of the factory tube and receiver were still very hot to the touch even after only 2 minutes of exposure. My M4 wears the Desert Camo which was not affected at all by the heat. After assembly with the full length mag tube and factoy spring (but without using any new Locktite) I did a manual function check using dummy 12 gauge shells. I encountered no malfunctions at all. I even tried loading one on the shell lifter and that functioned flawlessly; but again this was all manual testing I’ll post a range report of the live fire testing.

I also found a guy who will Dura Coat the new mag tube to match the Benelli Desert Camo pattern.




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