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Benelli Super BlackEagle 2 vs. Beretta Extrema 2


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I just bought a SBEII back in October and so far love it. I did have a problem with it firing for only about 10 min. I had to get the ice unthawed enough to get the bolt to move and firing pin to go foward to touch off the shell, (I fell in the lake and the gun followed me in, on a 19 degree morning duck hunt:eek:) Ha ha,:). but I can tell you the look on my buddies face when he said (just after I climbed out of the water) lets see if the ad is right and that gun can shoot after being in the bootom of the lake, muck and weeds still on it, I pulled the trigger and fired 3 round with no problems was great (the frozen part did not happen for another 10min's), but the worst part, the only ducks that came into the decoys was while I was thawing out the gun.

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That sounds like one of my buddys stories where he fell into the pond sending my mojo duck to the bottom and filling his waders half full with water but he didnt want to go in and change because he didnt want to miss the early morning shoot:D He missed the mallards cause he couldnt feel his legs in order to stand up.

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I have an SBE II and my dad has an Extrema 2. I cannot tell much difference between the guns. Personally, I prefer the SBE II because of the way it feels. To me the Extrema 2 is more bulky, whereas the SBE seems lighter and slimmer mostly because of the inertia system vs. the gas operated Extrema 2.


I also fell in the pond and half-filled my waders this year, however, I did not manage to get to fire a shot like ya'll did! The birds weren't flying well that day.

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