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Availability of Standard Stock for M4?


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To start off, I want everyone to know I am a reasonable person.


I say that becuase, no matter how much I look, or how many retail stores/gunshops I call, there are no standard sythetic stocks available for the M4.


I have been looking for 6 months. Can anyone shed some light on this?


Thanks in advance.

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Unsure if you were asking me, but I am sure 170 bucks is reasonable. (It was selling on ables for that)


It could be more to some folks, but not me. I am really looking for someone that has a field stock they never use (added PG or added collapasble stock) and wanted to get some bucks for thier stock.


As an example, I sold my PG stock on GB for 140 shipped. I was happy to see it go, and the guy was happy to have it.


That to me is reasonable.

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fyi - i purchased the standard stock from MP on this thread for $170 shipped. I admittedly lucked into the deal with good timing and received the stock today and installed it on my M4. Although I will keep both stocks, I have to get to the range Friday to see if there is a difference between the standard and the pistol grip. I liked how the pistol grip felt, but I am having a tough time getting used to it from years of shooting shotguns with a standard stock.

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Well, I must say. There doesn't seem to be a single M4 field stock avaialble anywhere! I've been looking all over creation and everybody either doesn't sell it or is sold out (without any prospects of one coming in any time soon).


Anybody have any "in stock" leads?

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165$ shipped off gunbroker.


Now that uis what i would call reasonable. Sun Szu said, "wait by the river long enouhg, and you will see the bodies of your enemies float by"


I guess he was talking about benelli field stocks.


For the rest of you all, hang in there.

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