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The baddest looking Benelli on the planet!


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Yes the baddest looking Benelli on the planet.


Thanks to the following.

George at Benelli- Thanks for helping me with my cause

Tom Knapp- The reason I shoot Benelli's

Tim Bradley- Not a better guy out there. Thanks for being a friend or at least me being a fan

Zach Kienbaum and Brad Kidd- Thanks for being awesome friends and kicking me in my rear to reach my goals

Anthony Materese Jr.- Thanks for being a great coach and instructor and teaching me how to shoot this dang thing

Ken at RockNroll Paint works- Your work at rock N Roll custom paint works is ridiculous

Steve at Briley- Thanks for taking the time to make the trigger "the best it can be"

Mike Lupold of S&S Gunstocks for working on this bad boy and fitting me and making it right. He did so much work, filling in the checkering, lenghthening, fitting my trigger hand better to the grip watching me cringe when he was wacking away all with his big smile. He made it so it would fit. I had all the work done while at an event. I shot my stock gun with Comfortech the first day and shot a 79. He did the work that night and next morning. Just how good was the fit? I gained 8 birds first time out with it that day. It was enough to win the A class by a bird that day.




Benelli Supersport w/ 30 inch barrel

Briley 6 oz weight in front and Secret style 4oz weight in rear (8.5lb total weight

Comp N Chokes

Briley Trigger job

15 1/4 LOP- Stock length stock with additional spacer by S&S Gunstocks

Packmayr Sporting clay SC100 butt pad

Everything else is stock


From the front



Side Shot



More picture to come!



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I also forgot to mention a big thanks to a couple of other people


My wife- Thanks for letting me spend money on my toys. ALthough she does have More Benelli's than I do toting around a BUL and Montefeltro.


Zach Kiendbaum and Brad Kidd For being on my Team "Team Rad and showing me how to shoot this dang thing


Anthony Materese Jr. - For being a great instructor and coach


Triple B Clays in South El Monte California for giving me the chance to work there on weekends and enjoy a sport that I cannot get enough of.

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Noticed I said Baddest LOOKING Benelli, not the Baddest Benelli out there. There are plenty of those including this new VINCI... Mine just looks cooler than all others!!! I will take distinctive also, but some like just wood or synthetic. I am in the sporting clay world and wild is ok PLUS how else are you going to influence the younger crowd if you don't have stuff like this. Kids are wild and crazy and want to be different. Being by the book died in wool and wood or camo is not necessarily what all of them like.


Then again, I race PRO BMX and my Bicycle frame is painted Max 4 camo from Realtree.


Distinctive and crowd stand out is ok with me. Any coverage is good coverage in my book.


WOOHOO!!!! The more I look at it the Badder it gets!!!!

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Actually, I have thought about it a bunch. I believe it it the baddest Benelli out there. Here is how I figure. It has had a trigger job to fix the 7.5 lb pull and nasty creep that Benellis have. They should really do something about that from the factory on their sporting model guns. Now it is really GOOD!


It has length taking it past the 15 inch mark that currently is one thing Benelli misses the beat on in the sporting world. If they are going to tote that the SS is the best clay gun they need to step up. Length is a plus in this world in a lot of clays. 95% all the top shots in clays shoot long stock guns.


Weight is another huge deal. A 7.3 lb gun is awesome for beginners and people who hunt but making this gun almost 8.5lb has enabled it to handle and track the longer birds and since it is wood and not a comfortech stock the weight helps for recoil.


Fit is HUGE. S&S fitted the stock, fit the grip area and made the grip area feel bigger and more like a true clay gun. The Stock Comfortech is tiny!


With these mods it is the BADDEST Benelli out their in its class.


With all that said the paint job cannot be beat unless you have the guys who did mine paint yours. You find me a better Benelli Clay gun and I will bow out. Until then Let it be known that this Benelli is the baddest one out there! Period, end of story.


Man looking at it again made me get Goose bumps!!!!! KA-BOOOM!@#$

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If that shotgun was my daughter, I'd march her straight upstairs and have her wash all that war paint off. It's what's on the inside that makes your shotgun glow at the range. A wise man once said, "Perception is the first step to excellance". When you pop that baby out at the range, folks are going to think you are the real Team Benelli, so you had better shoot like the wind. Any thing less and not only will you make Benelli and yourself look bad, but you'll give Tom Knapp a nervous break down and miss some of his great trick shots (God forbid!) Kinda like Bling, for a shotgun. What ever happening to rich deep bluing and a high quality gloss wood stock? ;)

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Thanks for the words my friends.


If you look who I thank then you can see that I have the right people in my corner to make it happen. I have won a bunch and plan on winning more. A class now. Did that in a little over 1 yr from starting.


I will not let the Benelli name down. They have helped me so much (George, Tom, Tim and Alan) that I had to pay them back somehow PLUS I really do think Benelli can hang in the clay world so I am doing everything I can to promote them. Tom even liked it!


We all shoot bad at times but it is how you deal with it that will make you a champ. I am a 5 time world champion on my BMX bike and have multiple National Titles. If I can do that being from a small town in Montana then there is nothing saying that I can't do that in the clay world. Won't hurt trying. Even if I fail the gun will still look cool, ha, ha...


As for the chokes, HA! Comps are some of the baddest out there. The ONLY chokes I would ever put up against them are Kicks (designed by the son of the owner of comp n choke and made in same factory) or Pure Gold. They hammer targets!


I am touching it right now! Oh Lord look out!!!! Target time is coming.....

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It looks to be very well done and it certainly is distinctive. Good work, if you like it that's all that counts.


Also, who did your trigger job and what exactly did they change? I've long been disappointed with the trigger on my m4, but haven't found much of anything in the way of people willing to do work on it ...

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Briley did the trigger. They did not change the poundage but took 90% of the creep out of it. It is very crisp and I no longer hesitate on longer targets that I have to be smooth when pulling the trigger. You can barrely see what they did. All the work is on the hammer on mine.


Steve over at Briley does a really good job!

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I have, but the lack of readily available replacement parts makes me leery to start messing about with the trigger components without a backup.


I've never called Benelli CS ... perhaps I should call and inquire about buying a second trigger group to do work on, I wonder if they would sell me one ...

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