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Benelli Cases and Extensions ForSale


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Well guys I have parted with my last shotgun for a new S&W M&P15 so I am clearing out my Benelli accesories. As with my ammo for sale I am not out to gouge just make back what I spent.

- Benelli Tactical Shotgun case #90175 this is the hard one to find. It is brand new and was only opened to assure my SNT fit. - $75

- Benelli Scoped Rifle/Shotgun case #90185 This case is 46" and will fit R1 rifles and tactical short barrel shotguns and is also brand new - $70

- Benelli Supernova/Nova +1 extension kit. When using 2 3/4" shells the capacity is raised to 6+1. Includes tube, longer spring, nut/adapter and end cap - $75


- Benelli M1/M2/M3/SBE +2 extension kit. This kit includes a +2 tube M2 style barrel nut/adapter & sling mount, clamp, spring and end cap. - $80

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- Both extension kits are 100% Benelli

- The tactical case will fit any Benelli tactical shotgun with 18" barrel

- As much as I would love to be flexible on prices I can't budge, I am already losing alot on the extensions. When it comes to the tactical case there are only two in the US available including mine.

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10 days later and still no contact from you....it is ironic that you were looking for all the people to buy your stuff but you don't follow through when someone wants to purchase...I have sent several emails with no reply...Please don't waste people's time...If you are not going to moniter your posts don't list them for sale.....You can keep the case as I need one now so I am moving on.....

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