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M4 scratch removal


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Someone did high heat BBQ paint on their barrel over at ar15.com I think. It looked okay from the poor photos. :p


The barrel matched the receiver at least.


If I worried about scratches on mine, I'd be in bad shape. My ejection port has ejected so many shells that part of the aluminum is wearing down from where the rim of the shell hits.

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My M1014 has some small scratches on the barrel. Is there any product out there that will at least make them less noticeable if not take them away. Its a little harder because its not black as are most guns.



Those are just "character" marks (kinda like a tattoo:cool:). They show the gun is being used, not just occupying space in the safe. If concerned with covering them up, if they are not too deep, about the only way to go is to have the barrel bead blasted, leaving a rough surface, then have it parkerized or matte blued, to match the receiver.

Brownells carries a product that is kind of like a "body putty" for guns, it can be used to fill deep pits and scratchs, but I have never seen it used.

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In all seriousness, CLP coated on the outside of the gun does a pretty good job of making the exterior surface more even when it dries and leaves a protective film all over the finish ... I have preban mags that has had their color completed changed from CLP, from being all worn down to bare aluminum and blotchy to being smooth gray colored, all from being soaked in multiple coats of CLP. The CLP coat is actually pretty durable too ... will this work for camo? Dunno. I do it for rust prevention, because I don't really care about the finish, but I care about rust.

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