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SBE2 questions

Kwack Wacker2

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Okay, well I'm going to buy a Sbe2 or an M2 this year for waterfowling, I have never owned a Beneli and I have some questions after reading other's posts and issues.


#1 should I get a matte Black finish, I would rather have a Max-4 finish but it seems that benelis are notorious for the camo chipping off and I don't want to have to worry about scratching the paint off every time I get in and out of my layout blind or boat.


#2 Would the M2 be more reliable for shooting dove loads than the SBE means the M2 has a 3" chamber???


#3 What do you guys shoot for a choke out of the Benelis......are the factory chokes good enough pattern wise with fast steel or do you buy and aftermarket choke like Terror, Patternmaster, ect????????

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1. Go with the camo - it wears just fine.


2. There are plenty of dove loads that cycle just fine in a properly cleaned SBE II.


3. I don't know as don't think I've fired a shot out of a factory Benelli choke tube since maybe 1991 or so. I get very good patterns from a wide variety of longer aftermarket choke from; Briley, Primos, Trulock, Carlson, etc.


I don't shoot much 3.5", but it's nice to have the extra pellets when I need them - up to 40-50+ more pellets in some of my favorite 3.5" turkey loads :)

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I have not been on the forum for over a year. I have followed Mudhens posts for several years. The guy is usually "Spot On" with his assesments. I can't fake Benelli knowledge. It comes from years of cause and effect anaylisis and shooting and working on Benelli's in many different conditions. I perform year end maint. on all Benelli's - Mudhen knows Benelli's and should be considered a valued member this forum.

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I shoot a lot of very light loads in my SBE II, both in skeet/sporting clays, and at Doves. I can always cycle 1 oz 1185 fps loads, even though technically you are not supposed to be able to do so.


Geese and ducks don't seem to mind being killed by my SBE II with the matte black finish.


Briley or Comp-N-Choke.

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I generally shoot a modified out of my SBE II at doves. I really like Federal 1 1/8 ounce 3 dram. Never a misfire with and federal. Winchesters are a different story.


I shoot an IC when shooting at early season ducks. Later season I move to a modified and sometimes 3.5" loads. 3.5" #2 are one of my favorite late season loads. We see a lot of geese in the late season and call them in to our spreads. It's nice knowing I can shoot anything that gives us a good look.

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