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Just wander if anybody here knows when the Supernova is going to show up in stores.

I am ready to buy the regular Nova but now I have to wait until the Super one arrives.......

There is a gun show the 25 of March in Orlando, I hope there is going to be one there for sale. :D

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I got the black comfortech 24" model. It was $399.


I like it so far. I shot some leftover 2 3/4 steel through it and it was like shooting a 410. Well, maybe not but there was a marked decrease in kick. You could shoot a couple boxes of those no problem. A lot better than the old Nova. Easy to stay on target and a smooth cycle.


Now, those high velocity 3 1/2 inch turkey loads still kick like a mofo though. I never shot one through the old Nova so I can't say how different it is. But based on the other shells, I wouldn't want to shoot those through the old Nova.


Had to order a new choke for it and some tru-glo sights that should be in tomorrow. Which will hopefully help me get my first gobbler this year.


I swore I read that these would have the crio barrels and chokes somewhere, but they don't.

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Thank you very much for the price check and report Signor Bobby61.

Hum....no Crio Barrel no chokes...

I now wonder whats so Super about this new Nova,

is it worth the extra $100.00?

Hopefully they will have one at this weekend Gun show so I can compare them in person and I'll then decide which one to get.

Ciao for now.


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The new features that interest me are the ComforTech system stock, and cast and drop shim system. It also (Do not know if it is new but) has the magazine lock so you can open action without dumping shell out of magazine. And it sounds like you can use the ergonomically shaped comforTech gel recoil pad on it. Lloyd go to http://www.benelliusa.com/ and hit new 2006 product tour and follow trail it should bring you to a nicely done video on the new supernova.


Does anyone know how much money it would be to add shims and ergonomically shaped recoil pad to supernova?



Originally posted by Lloyd:

so my question again...lol

what is the super nova? even the weight seems about the same.

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Lloyd, the SuperNova is just the new version of the Nova. It's the new pump shotgun. Has three different stock options. Other than that, it's pretty much the same as the older Nova. You can get it with the ComfortTech built in. It would cost around $150-$200 to add to the old recoil reducing system to an old Nova, depending on the parts you get and where you get them.

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I did it.

Went to the gun show and got my Super Nova.

I already love this gun , looks and feels great.

No forearm rattle on the Super.

Cant wait until I get to shoot with it.

Just for reference I payed $399.00 for it.

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Did you notice if the shims and ergonomically shaped recoil pad were available for the supernova? Are those extras interchangable with the ones that are used on the SBEII.


Oh congratulations, a new gun is a good feeling.


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RDN Thanks. smile.gif My new gun came with extra shims and I know the recoil pad is interchangeable but I did not see any around for sale at the gun show and I don't know if the fit the SBEII .

EZEE My Super Nova has no rattle at all.

Great fit and finish, feels solid and smooth.

Happy shooting.

Gio. :D

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