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Agreed, buy once cry once! You will never regret buying quality!


UTG is mediocre at best.


I'm glad to see you're getting back into ARs though.


Black Rifle Disease is very contagious!





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What do you plan on using this rifle for?

I highly recommend getting a Daniel Defense Lite rail. I'd opt for a 10" or maybe a 12" rail. Add a low profile gas block that will fit under the rail. Then send your upper off to ADCO to have the barrel cut down to a pencil or light weight profile. Then have them chop barrel and pin the flash suppressor so your OAL is 16.1".

Go to a rail mounted iron sight. Troy's are my favorite but they're pricey compared to the Magpuls.


You need a sling setup. My personal preference is for 2 point slings. Blue Force gear or GearSector are good. I'd opt for a rail mounted sling mount from Daniel Defense rather than the bottom mounted loop you currently have.


Buy once, cry once is the best method. What I found is if I do intend to upgrade down the road, I can recover most of my money by selling my old equipment. I think my 16" LMT Piston upper is arriving today. Yay.

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Took it with me to the range this AM.

The primary mission was to shoot my Varmint rifle, but I also wanted to re-check the zero on the AR, because I had removed the optic and re-attached it one slot further back.


The first shot was before any adjustments were made.

The next four were after I adjusted the red dot.


For a 1x 2 MOA dot @ 100 yards, I can't see it getting much better than this.






...and this fellow had the bad fortune of sunning himself on a rock on the ride home.



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Nice shooting, what animal is that you shot? A woodchuck?


Yes, but we call 'em groundhogs or whistlepigs.



We used to kill them by the scores back in the early 80's.

We had a fellow who would take every single one we brought him, even the one's that had been in the back of the truck for several hours.

One year, this guy and his family consumed at least 250 groundhogs :eek:

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I'll tell you this much.

Groundhogs are the cleanest animals I've ever laid my hands on.

I have never seen one with ticks or another kinds of parasites.

They are strictly herbivores, eating mostly green vegetation.

No reason to fear them.

Dang! I've almost talked myself into a BBQ! :cool:

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