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Surefire M1014 Dedicated Weapon Light


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I spoke with the manager of new product development and he told me that a Dedicated Weapon Light for the M4/M1014 should be out (relatively) soon


He called me regarding my business and I asked what he does for employment, to my surprise he told me he is an engineer and is head of new product development for Surefire. I spoke with him at length about all the wonderful products they have and that I have over a dozen of them. I specifically drove home that fact that Surefire should have brought out a dedicated light for the M1014 a long time ago, especially since the USMC uses said weapon.


Unfortunately I do not recall his name and am not able to find his file out of the thousands of my other clients. The conversation occurred a few months ago and if I did have his info I would follow up on it as I very much want a light for my weapon and dont like the rail idea

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not to rain on your parade, but ive been hearing this about surefire lights for m4/m1014's for 5 years now. im sure someday in oh, 10 or so yrs they'll come out w/ one!!! ive already been waiting 5!!!:mad:


I had also heard rumors of it near production many years ago, but found this significant because it came from the horse's mouth

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There is nothing about a dedicated light system in my 2009 catalogs. They usually display upcoming releases for the year to come. If they do have plans, it will be at least a year away. Hopefully they offer a lamp with more than 80 lumens. The next big wave of weapon lights will be built on the 200 lumen output LED's like the new hand held LX2 has (it's awesome).


Surefire has a 3 cell hand held coming out in December that is 350 lumens.


The Surefire m80 doesn't make for a good mounting place for a weapon light. The light itself crowds your hand. It does make for a good compliance part though. Or a good place to mount a tape switch to.

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