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What to use for Duck?

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I just bought a new SBEII Adv Max 4. I plan on hunting Duck for the first time ever. Where I hunt, it's law to shoot steel only. My question is: What is the best steel shot to hunt duck? 2.75"? 3"? 3.5"? #2? #4?


Also, what choke should I use? Modified? or???


I also want to be ready should a flock of Canada Geese show-up unexpected.


Sound advice would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance..:o

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There are a number of variables to be considered.


For ringnecks in open water or puddlers in swamps and timber I like 3" 4's with a modified or less choke.


For later season mallards and bigger ducks in either, 3" 2's may be better.


For geese, I like 3.5" BB's.

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All have given nice choices for shot, tubes, etc...my advice if you've never been duck/goose hunting before : practice, practice, practice. Find a range that will allow steel shot & get used to the new gun (not to mention breaking it in first) and firing steel shot (we all know the difference b/w lead & steel)


just my 2 cents worth...

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