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I like the gold. it's a nice counterpoint to the receiver details :)


Sorry, I didn't realize there was gold engraving on the receiver from the first two photos. My earlier preference for black anodized or Cerecote did not take that into account. The full length photo really does show off the gold tones and does add balance to the overall effect. I definitely vote WITH.

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I am ocd when it comes to guns and it is more even with so thats my vote. I personally would get a shorter choke to be perfectly even.

damn that is too funny!! i thought i was the only OCD freak who kept everything straight, clean,even,matching and in order etc. when it came to my guns!!!:D

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She is a Beauty! Gold engravings and a choke to match! How long before you get one done with 24K? You know you want to, plus it would just be a show piece. Or you could get a gold Benelli (Dipped or something) and have the engravings be black and use a black choke......that would be hard to do or even get but if anyone could do that it would be you. Just think: 1 of 1!

Back to the topic...Great gun, Keep it on there!

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