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SBE II Jamming


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My SBEII likes some brands of shells better than others.

Federals do better than Winchesters.


You also need to make sure that you stay at or above the minimum load requirements stated in the manual.


The gun works best when broken in with several boxes of heavy field loads.


An Inertia gun must be shouldered properly in order to function.


Do not use Rem-Oil. Use a quality CLP like Breakfree or Hoppes Elite.


Do not lube it to the point that it's dripping with lube. A light coat is best.


If you provide more details about the loads you are shooting and the circumstances present when it hangs, we may be able to help you further.


No need to double post the issue.

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Please send me a detailed explaination of your SBE issue. I promise to help you work thru the problem. This is a great gun. You need some cause & effect sloutions to your intertia recoild gun issue.


I just replaced a worn magazine latch on a gentlemens SBE 1 which eliminated his issues of multiple shells being release from the magazine tube. I work on over 100 Benelli per year and have extensive experience with M1, M2, SBE 1, SBE 2, and M4's. I imported one of the original Montefeltros to the USA. Best of all it's free advice.


Tucker & Mudhen are good sources of Benelli facts as well.


Please work thru my home e-mail @

[email protected]

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Shooting several rounds of heavy loads through it should take care of it. Mine did the same thing. Shooting the heavy loads breaks the spring in and it should be fine from then on.


For future reference, be sure to clean the inertia spring in the stock or you will have the same problems in the future. If the inertia spring gets dirty it starts to jam, and won't eject shells like it should.

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