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SBE II and M1 Field Super 90 Questions


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I am really brand new to Benelli. My friend has told me that Benelli shotguns are Rolls Royce among shotguns. I got my tax return and bought 3 for my family:

1. Super Black II

2. M1 Field Super 90


I have red multiple posts about load limitations and cycling problems. I also familiar with Benelli Customer Service recommendation. Most of time my shotguns will be used for clays. Please give me REAL LIFE recommendation about ammo. What ammo should I use for break in and what is lightest (the cheapest) load I will be able to cycle reliably in both SEMIAUTO shotguns?


The second question: How do you service RECOIL SPRING ASSEMBLY.


Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your feedback.

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You buy $4,000.00 worth of Rolls Royce shotguns and are worried about cheap ammo??? You must do a lot of shooting out there in LA. LOL For what it's worth my SBEII cycled Lightfield Lite slugs when I was trying them for a friend. They are very low recoil 12ga shells. As far as the recoil spring question ... I think I read a complete dissertation about it buried in one of these posts. Unfortunately I can't find it again for you.

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