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M4 Full mag tube question


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I'd prefer to use whatever funk that Benelli uses, but if I ever find a 14" barrel I'll want to change tubes easily.


Duggan, does it seem pretty solid with no loctite? Have to tighten it often? I ask because I'm a bit worried about the mag tube becoming loose, and allowing the barrel to slip a bit.

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Today I installed my factory full length tube.


I removed an after-market full length tube with blue locktite.


At first I could not move it, buy then I heated it with the wife's hair dryer for 30 seconds.


It came off with just the right amount of effort.


Not too loose not to tight. A little of both is usually the best answer.

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It's plenty snug.


It has come loose once, but only when I was taking down the gun anyways. As in, I was holding the barrel and unscrewing the endcap, and as I was taking the barrel off I unscrewed the tube.


Hardly matters. It have never unscrewed while shooting ... it would have no reason to. The design is such that it has no motivation to turn, as the endcap prevents this.


I bet benelli just put loctite on there to prevent most people from tampering with it. There is no reason it HAS to be loctited down.


If m1014 and myself both do no use loctite and have had fine results ... that may say something. Or maybe we are just crazy.


[ 09-14-2006, 10:46 PM: Message edited by: Duggan ]

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now now kids,,settle down,,lets take our emotional vitamins,,,put all the goo you want on it,,-----yes the goo is important on certain parts,,,but for future interchangability of mag tubes or service such as now,,I'll stick with a tight snug fit on the mag tube ,,,,my 23 year old Benelli 121 taught me that after that so special goooo broke down thru the years on its mag tube,,,,won't hurt the workings of the weapon at all,,,I know this was alot for most of you kids so nap time for all except stock player,,he going to the dunce corner with locktite on his mouth:D tongue.gif tongue.gif :D


[ 09-15-2006, 06:55 AM: Message edited by: M1014 ]

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From yet another forum I visit ...


"There is a BIG difference between Red and Green Loctite!


Red Loctite is in fact only intended as a THREAD sealant. Red Loctite created microscopic crystals between the bolt and thread. These crystals prevent the free rotation of the bolt in the thread. The Red Loctite has a much higher viscosity than the green, causing a much higher incidence of "wiping" during assembly.


Green Loctite is often refered to as "Penetrating Loctite". Since this has a MUCH lower viscosity than the red variety, adhesive "wiping" is not an issue. In the real world, Green Loctite is used on items that have already been assembled. The crystals formed by the Green Loctite are much smaller is size, and are created in a more dense pattern. This causes a "tighter" bond between the surfaces.


Both varieties of Loctite are permament, but the Green version provides a tighter bond (due to the smaller crystals), and requires more heat to disrupt the bond. Additionally, because the crystals are smaller, the bond is able to absorb shocks better than the bond created with the Red variety. "

If you really wanted to attach it, you should use green. I beleive that is what benelli uses.


Also, just shooting will generate enough heat to render blue loctite useless. I used to use a YHM rail on one of my ARs, and I loctited it onto the barrel nut ... I figured blue would hold fine.


Well, it was a hot summer day, and after shooting a little bit, the **** thing broke free.


Granted ARs generate a lot more heat than benellis, but I think a lesson can be learned here.


[ 09-16-2006, 12:02 AM: Message edited by: Duggan ]

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Originally posted by StarLynx:

Does anybody know what breaks that .." Stick to me forever" chemically??.....

Stay Safer!

no chems StarLynx,,get a heat gun or one of your girlfriends pink hair dryers and heat the area in question up,,also get a partner for assistance in holding it :D :D :D after all that use the white stuff on the chart above tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif


[ 09-18-2006, 03:43 PM: Message edited by: M1014 ]

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