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new m4 bolt handle??

texas skeeter

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This is the one I got from Botach. OE handle weighs 11.8 grams and this one weighs 22.3, almost twice the weight of OE. Has anybody else weighed the options, DMW, GG&G, etc.? That one looks like it might be sharp on the edges, 1st time I've seen that one. FFT states on their site that the titanium one is 15.99 grams, kinda heavy for titanium??

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found this on numrich's website for 26$. i've never seen one before. anyone know who makes it?? thought it was kinda cool looking. TS1084550.jpg
man,,thats an old school Benelli bolt handle from 1987 thru approxamtly 91,,can't believe you didn't know that,,,and you want to own a big boy limited edition one day,,back to pumps action shottys for you,,,,,lol.lol..
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i was'nt into the benelli's back then like you old dogs!!:D im a new age m1014 guy!!;)


1998 is the year I got into Benellis,full throttle since then,,,my friend bought a then new first year Practical model of the cuff,,,man,,that shotgun blew away the competition,,never looked back since.Still searching for ya buddy,,I will be relentless and succecessful,,your future 10th anniverssary brother,,

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