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need help from the experts


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im in the process of buying my first shotgun. ive been wanting to take up hunting for many years now, and have finally decided to get it done. im trying to decide between SBE 2 and the vinci. i will mostly be hunting duck, goose, pheasant, and on occasion turkey. i really like the vinci, but my understanding is that there is no rifle barrel available for deer. my question is would i be better off buying the vinci and a separate deer rifle or the more expensive SBE 2 and the other barrel? is the SBE 2's ability to fire 3.5" that big of a deal? thanks in advance.

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I have 2 shotguns and a rifle, a Franchi for duck, a Winchester for dove, quail, and pheasant, 270 win.(pre-***) for deer.

I dont know many people who multi use a shotgun to the extent you want to. I would sugest the vinci, ive dove and quail hunted with it and a sbeII and it seems to be faster for me with the lighter loads.

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well the vinci it is!!!! stopped by gander mtn today to check them out in person. the vinci felt much better than the SBE. and my cousin has a really good deer rifle he let me have for next to nothin. thanks for the input guys.

Can I suggest GunBroker.com for your Vinci purchase.


I picked up my synthetic 26" for $1150 + shipping


Saved a bunch of money and happy as a lark

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