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Worn Comfortech Recoil Pad


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Hey guys, I've had my supersport for around 9 months now and the recoil pad is getting worn out.


Was wondering if anyone knows what I can do to prevent any further deterioration...I really don't want to shell out $125 for a new one. If I don't stop it now than I think it will be too far gone in a few months...I put about 150 rounds through it a week.


Here's a video and some pictures:







Here's a third, they only let me post 2



any suggestions?

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Looks like cosmetic damage at the worst. Doubt it will affect the functionality at all. I've read about various gel pads losing some material, but all the replies I have seen from Benelli and Beretta say it's normal wear and tear. I suppose you could complain to Benelli CS and see if they will give you a new pad.


The fancy recoil pad on my new Maxus started to fall apart after a few hunts. I complained about it when I sent it back for repair after the gas piston spring broke. Browning replaced the pad while it was back there.

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Yea it probably is mostly cosmetic...but that doesn't mean I don't care about it...I did buy a supersport after all, and probably would have been happy with a sbeII had it not been for how sweet the ss looks.


Every time I go out shooting it gets worse. I doubt they would give me a free replacement, because I'm sure I caused it somehow, it didn't start peeling on its own.

What I'm really looking for is a way to stop it...some sort of spray on coating or whatever.


I found a can of this stuff in my garage...only thing I have that could maybe help:


Anyone know anything about this, or have any other recommendations?


thanks for the replies

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What are you wearing when you shoot? Is the shoulder on your jacket or whatever your wearing abrasive? Mine has no wear on it after a couple thousand rounds. Might try looking at how you mount the gun to your shoulder as well. Maybe you drag it up your side before locking it into your shoulder, I am sure that would increase wear quite a bit. Just my $.02

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Yea, I'm sure it's something I'm doing that is making it deteriorate...I don't think it's happening magically. I usually wear just a t-shirt or a shooting vest, but it's going in and out of gun racks. Also, I usually rest the stock on the top of my wallet which is in my front left pocket or on top of shoes, but I try to not do that.

I don't know how it started though, one day after shooting i just noticed it had sort of opened up, but I didn't remember doing anything out of the ordinary.

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Have you ever been measured for length of pull?

A slightly shorter pad may see less contact with your clothing as the stock is bought to shoulder.


Also, observe the pros and how they mount their guns, and try to work on improving the technique.


Observe the mounting technique shown in the video in episode 5 http://americangundog.com/straightshooting_AGD1.html


There is no drag on clothing as the weapon is shouldered. It is brought up and out and then pulled straight back in to the shoulder.


As for stopping or slowing the process, an improved mount can take care of that problem as well.

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No I haven't, but I have been planning on doing that. I know a gunsmith who does fittings. I definitely gotta check that out, because I am shouldering the gun correctly, but I don't think it fits me correctly.


prob not why the pad is peeling...maybe

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