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SBE Vs winchester super x2


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Bobcat1, I just recently bought the M2 for a field gun, but I am also an avid skeet shooter. I have put probably 400 rounds of Win. AA 1oz. loads and have not had a problem. I did have a problem with the SBE not ejecting shells. I think it had more to do with the 3.5 inch chamber, vs. the 3 inch chamber of the M2. The winchester x2 is a fine gun, but the new benelli just seems to fit and point better for me.

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remember guys ... it's not just the amount/weight of shot .. it's the relation of all the components, mainly the relation between amount/weight of shot and powder charge related to velocity within' a certain combination...


as wallhanger said the X2 is a decent gun - Fastest cycling shotgun too- (Yes! faster than any Benelli) I don't like 'em however .. personal thing.


it's a roll of the dice with lighter loads for either ...

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do you need a 3 1/2in auto?

my SBE functions flawlessly with 1oz loads. just this summer i have fired 3 and 1/2 cases of winchester, federal, and estate 1oz loads and not a hitch. if you dont need a 3 1/2in auto then dont get one. there are many great 3in guns.


i really enjoy my SBE!

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Hi guys, the SBE is no matched, the best I ever own. I had Berettas, Rems & Wins but shtop using them after I got the SBE camo. I got only one problem with it. That is the length of the stock which seems a bit too long for me (I am a small build). Can anyone have suggestions to modify it..May be a thinner pad???Where to get one?

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