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PROUD New owner of a Benelli Shotgun!!!!!


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I love my shotgun so much, I had to join this forum to express myself. Just picked up my Supernova Tactical today @ Turner's Outdoorsman, and the main thing that sold me on the gun was of course the Ghost Ring Sight. This is my first Benelli, and definitely NOT my last. This is also my first shotgun! I got myself a Mesa Tactical picatinny rail and now have a holographic sight sitting on the shotgun already. Here's my overall impression of the gun, rated categorically:


Looks: 10/10 Definitely one of the coolest looking pumps.

Weight: 9/10 Extremely light, but a little front heavy.

Performance: 9/10 It's not as smooth on recoil as Benelli claims.

Versatility: 10/10 Ghost ring, weight, length....Nuff said.

Disassembly: 3/10 Buttstock too hard to remove, a must to get the trigger housing out.

Assembly: 3/10 Again, buttstock. Need special tools.

Cleaning: 10/10 Ridiculously easy.

Capacity: 9/10 Just add the extension and it'll be a ten.

Compatibility: 6/10 Not many buttstocks, not many add-ons available.

OVERALL RATING: 9.7/10 (7.7 average + 2.0 for still being amazing, besides some flaws)

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I'm surprised you ranked it so low on disassembly.

All you need to do is pull off the buttpad and loosen the

stock bolt with a 13mm socket wrench just enough to allow the grip

to rotate out of the way allowing the triggergroup to be removed . . .

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