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SBEII Jamb/misfire


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If anyone has a solution I'd be grateful;


I guess the issue begins when I bottom load the magazine. It seems that the ramp isn't seating properly when pushed up. It stops and stays in position but if you try to load a shell the shell will pinch and get stuck. I then remove the shell and put sideways pressure on the ramp which will then click and depress a further 1/16 of an inch or so.


I don't know if its related but at times, when I come up to fire, I pull the trigger I get nothing as if the trigger has already been pulled.


Finally If the first shell does fire the gun doesn't cycle properly. Just this morning I fired @ a goose, missed and couldn't follow up. The breech was open 3/4 with a shell hung up.


I'm hunting out of a pit in NY, cold temps and snow. I clean this gun constantly and don't use much oil . Thanks in advance.

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Don't own a SBEII, however, I do own a M1 S90, in Combat/Police Configuration and a 20 gauge S90 Montefeltro. Most Benelli's operate in the same basic principle. Therefor, if the bolt isn't allowed to be in full battery (slammed home) you will have extreme difficulty in loading the magazine, if your able at all.


The second part of your post sounds like the famous Benelli "click". You must make sure your shotgun bolt is in full battery (slammed home) or your Benelli simply won't fire. Often in a blind, the shotgun buttstock will bump something, or your bored and keep checking the chamber. Make sure that rotating bolt head in seated completely.


I'm not going to be able to help with the third question (failure to eject and/or load) because that can be caused by many problems especially if you're hunting a cold snowy environment. Poor choice of shells, to much oil (Benelli's need almost no oil - a drop on the inside rails and nothing else) debris/ice/slush in the chamber, magazine spring/tube same thing. Try this. Clean and oil gun at home. Completely wipe ALL the parts clean of oil. Go hunting.

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Also not that familiar with your particular model. How many rounds are on the weapon?


Some of your issues sound like you have a weak recoil spring. This is often the issue when the bolt won't fully close. In cold condions, this can be more apparent. Oil and debtors in the recoil tube can seize up and restrict the movement.


If you have a gunshop near you that has a similar model, go try it and see if pulling the bolt to the rear offers the same resistance. The springs are cheap and should be replaced every 5,000 rounds. Take the recoil tube apart and clean it out. After 10,000 rounds on mine, the debris collected poured out like coffee for 45 seconds when I sprayed BreakFree Powder Blast in it.


If I understand you, you're saying there is a lot of play in the shell elevator? Any chance you could send this weapon back to Benelli for warranty work? You could try buying replacement springs and pins from Brownells, but the trigger pack isn't the nicest thing to disassemble.


Also, does your issue happen through a variety of ammunition?

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I've experienced similar problems with my SBE and they have all been operator errors. After 18 years, I did have failure to eject problems and Benelli replaced all of the springs for me...works like a new gun after 20 years of use.


As said previously, let the bolt "slam shut". I used to check my chamber by pulling the bolt back slightly and then pushing it closed again as well as changing a shell when geese were approaching my duck spread and then closing the bolt quietly by hand...didn't work...click...nothing. I've also let my nephew shoot my SBE and he had a tendancy to place his left hand partially under the feed ramp ever so slightly but just enough to depress it a quarter inch or so. The gun wouldn't cycle properly that way and once I figured the little nuances that effected the SBE's performance, it's all good now.

I hope it's just a man error and not a gun problem...good luck with it and hope all goes well.

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The loading issue is caused by a slight alignment problem with the carrier.

There is a tab on the carrier that is supposed fit into a slot on the bottom of the bolt.

Sometimes, they will not align just so and the carrier will stop short of full travel.


I fixed mine years ago by removing the trigger group and bending the tab slightly so that when it's pushed up by loading a shell that it aligns correctly.

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Not sure how old your gun is, but I would just call Benelli and let them send you another trigger assy. Problem solved. They may even swap you out if the gun is out of warranty. I did the same thing on an M2.......If I remember correctly, they held my credit card number until they received the old trigger assy back.


If you try to bend it (like Tucker said), I would get another friend's SBE and match it up good.



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