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Tom Knapp

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From what I understand, he had severe lung problems and had to stop touring for Benelli. He thought that he was not going to be able to continue, ever. I understand that his health took an amazing turn for the better and by this time, Benelli said, no thanks. I do not know if any of this is fact, just what I have heard. I have always admired Tom Knapp, and I always will. None of what I have typed is Gospel, just the word on the street..Mike

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Only Tom didn't send pics of his junk to anyone at Benelli. :eek:


Well said, Tucker. Now the whole world knows that the decision to cut Favre loose, was the correct one. Ironically, he got the coaches fired at the two teams he ended up at. Both were desperate moves from desperate teams. He probably is the best ever, but the guy that replaced him (Rodgers) is playing better than Farve ever was. And no pictures of his junk..Go Packers..Mike

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He probably is the best ever ...


Uh, NO. Namath, Starr, P. Manning, Unitas, Montana ... All better in their primes than Favre ever was. Folks could argue to put Marino, Elway, Young, Bradshaw, and Brady in there too. (Though I was never a Bronos fan, I'd argue like heck for Elway.) Farve holds a ton of records because he has had "longevity" ... Which is to say that he refuses to quit and coaches have a mandate to play him even if he isn't the best QB on staff for a particular game. Is Favre HOF-worthy? Sure. Farve's good--REAL good--but he isn't in the same class with the likes of Namath and Montana. Your blood obviously runs green. (Mine is Seahawks blue. ;))


Oh yeah, and Knapp is a class act. It is a loss for Benelli, but I'm not convinced that exhibition shooters really translate to many sales these days. Benelli will be fine.

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Exhibition Shooter Tom Knapp has teamed up with firearms company CZ-USA. Tom has selected the CZ 712 to use in his upcoming shooting demonstrations. The 712 as well as other CZ-USA models will be featured during his wing shooting clinics. New videos and TV appearances are in the works where Tom will bring new ideas along with his special brand of excitement to the line of CZ shotguns, rifles and pistols.


Tom and CZ-USA are excited about the potential presented by the combination of Tom’s shooting skills and the quality firearms from CZ.



What will be interesting to see is if Tom can influence CZ to offer a quality semi-auto. There offers to date have been a low end, low quality crap shoot.


Good luck to Tom Knapp.


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