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little help - procedure for unloading M4 magazine tube


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i'm a proud new owner of a benelli M4, and i am learning a lot from reading this forum. i've been familiarizing myself with some of the basics (field stripping, cleaning, lube, loading, unloading, etc.). very nice. i love the feel and sound of cycling the action!


but i'm having some problems emptying the magazine tube by depressing the front end of the shell stop. i've noticed that when the tube is full, the first few shells can be released fairly easily by depressing the front end of the shell stop. but releasing the last shell is very difficult (cussing and swearing difficult). am i doing something wrong? is there a trick to this? or maybe the gun is just new and the shell stop will loosen up after a few hundred rounds?


any advise would be appreciated :) thank you.



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it's VERY easy to unload the magazine tube on my remington 870, so i just assumed that it would be equally easy on the benelli. one thing odd though is that it's the last shell in the tube that's VERY tough to release. intuitively, you'd think that shell would be the easiest. maybe the shell release will loosen up a bit after the gun is used a while :confused:

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