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Surefire M80 Quality Control


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Sorry to hear that SD. Good thing they are taking care of you. I've been modestly intrigued by this forend since the Magpul video came out and this is the first chance at some good pics, thanks. Am I to understand that there is rubber on all the barrel contact surfaces of the rail? I was curious, since it is made of aluminum, how the thing kept from potentially marring the barrel. Also, if it is rubber, how do you anticipate it holding up under the heat of rapid fire?

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I haven't seen the magpul video, but I have seen a lot of pictures of the rail sys with the AFG. I recall wondering out loud a year or so ago about if the combo would get around the subpar grip of the m80.


The rail is an aluminum extrusion with two rubberized sections screwed to the rail. The screws you see are to hold the rubberized parts in place. The rails do no detach from the body. It is all one piece.


The rubberized portion seats snugly around the barrel. You have to spread the rubber when installing the rail to the barrel assembly. That's why I might have to trim part of the rubber. The barrel can get hot to the touch, but not to the point that it would melt or catch fire. The rubber feels to be vulcanized rubber. You end up with a good sealing surface around the sides of the barrel. One could claim it to be a partial heat shield.

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Those are great prices. I need to call them to see how much they want for a M600C Scout Light.


I don't blame Optics Planet. They don't open each box and inspect the items. The blame lies with Surefire.

surefire has crazy good customer service send it to them you will get a brand spankin new on for sure.

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