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Hi Folks - Female Shooter from London UK


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Hi Folks,


I joined your site a few days ago and I am really impressed with the whole thing. I also love the fact that you all have a sense of humour.


A little about me...


I am 32 years old, based in London UK and own 9 firearms.


My newest aquistion is my Benelli M1 Super 90, so I am now looking to trick this out a bit as I am just getting into practical shotgun.


Hope to chat with you all soon.



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Wow I didn't think a civilian could own a m1 over there. Did you have to do any kind of special paperwork?:confused:


Hi dirtyb,


It's incredibly hard to own firearms over here and we certainly can't own pistols sadly.


A normal shotgun on a standard shotgun licence over here allows us to own guns which cannot hold more than 3 rounds!


A section one licence allows us to use firearms with the capability of having as many rounds as we like. Also semi automatics. We cannot however own automatic weapons.


I am fortunate enough to own both licences, which means you cannot have a criminal record etc.


I also qualified on a UKPSA shotgun course and am part of a practical shotgun team

I also have to member of a shooting club and shoot regularly.


If you don't shoot regularly then the Police can revoke your licence and dispose of your weapons.


You really do have to jump through hoops and prove you are responsible enough to own firearms!

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You have no idea how hard it is to get a licence.


Say for instance I want another firearm, I would have to put in for a slot in my licence which costs £26 then I have to give good reason.


The police can take weeks if not months to make a decision whether they will grant you a slot to buy the firearm.



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Over here in the UK, the ownership of handguns has been banned since the 90's this was following two separate massacre incidents. Not wishing to detract from the tragedy of these incidents however when the goverment decided to ban pistol ownership all they achieved was allowing those with no rules to rule those who abide by the rules.


Granted gun crime in the UK isn't as prevalent as it is in the US, however the odds are stacked in favour of the criminals and that isn't right.


LEOs over here by and far are not armed other than with CS/OC and asp and a pair of cuffs, this leaves them so vulnerable. There are no rules for scum but many for cops and civilians and it's beyond a joke now.


We do have specialist LEOs trained in firearms, but the time they get to any incident the situation is well and truly over!


Rant over! LOL



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A lot of our police are starting to carry tasers now.


Our gun laws are very restrictive. We have no concept of armed defence in the UK. Firearms and shotguns are purely for sporting or pest control purpose.


I've got both the 2+1 and the 8+1 versions (M2 and supernova), plus other shotties for clays and birds, as well as several firearms including a 303 and 223.


There are guidelines to follow over here, but if you have good reason to want to own the gun the police will usually have to grant you a licence. Even those with old or non-relevant convictions can apply and may get a licence.


We can't carry our guns just anywhere and we can't leave them out in our houses; they must either be in use, being cleaned or locked up securely. Even my wife can't have access to my guns and I can't have access to hers.


My relatives in south africa have an easier time, but they routinely carry over there because of the very high incidents of violent crime. Life is cheap and bad guys often have nothing to lose.


Handgun crime over here has dramatically increased since the handgun ban, so the banning of all handguns, even 22lr (not air pistols) hasn't made any difference to the criminals.


I wish we had access to all of the extras you have in the us. We have to pay silly money for all the us stuff if we can get it. Oh well, at least the weather over here is like Florida. :)

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