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Stiff Safety - Benelli Response


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I sure hope that is the problem. I would love for the UPS man to show up with my trigger assembly. I have never had any problems with priority mail in the past. It has always been faster, cheaper, and easier than using UPS.......except this time.

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First time viewer of this forum and just registered. I also have the stiff safety problem and am glad a fix is available. However, as I deer hunt with a shotgun (by law in southern MI) and turkey hunt, I am also concerned about the noise associated with release of the stiff safety. Does the fix (new spring) reduce the associated click when the safety is turned off? I would expect that to be the case.

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Originally posted by tim:

[QB] Well, I am very DISAPPOINTED with Benelli's customer service. When I requested that the safety spring be swapped on my gun, I made it clear that I required the trigger group back by today.


Wow, all because they didn't send it back when YOU said to! Did it ever occur to you that you are not the only one who owns a Benelli? Customer dervice deals with requests in the order they are recieved. Be thankful Benelli is even fixing this problem for free, since we all purchased our guns with the stiff safety.

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I just received my sbe2 lefthand camo Oct 30, 2004) i did notice that it was a bit stiff and did click a bit...but i haven't used it as of yet, will use of it break in the spring? if Montelftro is out there? can I use it and then send it back to get the spring replaced if the problem persistes?

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