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Would you keep a M4 stock desert camo or ......

Gallo Pazzesco

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.... would you paint over it?


I've grown sort of tired of the desert camo pattern on my M4. I hate to change it but - just wondering, anyone else ever done it?


I've never seen a custom painted M4 for some reason - thinking it might be sacrilege or something. Especially the desert camo models.


Any feedback? I'm anxious to read your thoughts on the idea.


I guess my other question would be, are there any issues with painting over the factory desert camo finish in terms of doable?


The thought of changing the original factory color does make me a little uneasy - people keep telling me the desert cammies are collectables - I have a hard time comprehending that as fact.




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Gunbroker seems to be swamped with the desert camo versions right now. I almost bought one last night, but didn't due to the fact that I'd be adding a telestock and full-length mag tube when 922® compliance parts are available -- and neither would match the camo finish.


As for refinishing, if it is Duracoat, then I'd see no problem with adding a new pattern over the old one. It may need to be scuffed up first for the new coating to adhere better. I'd definitely send it to a professional as opposed to doing it myself. Duracoat is pretty durable stuff - the rifle I had done in it wasn't scratched any, even after carrying it in the deer woods for three seasons. I was told by a dealer last night that the finish on the desert camo Benelli M4's wore off easily. Any truth to that?

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It hasn't worn off mine in the least. I wish it would almost - it would give me a reason.


My wife bought it for me for my birthday a couple of years ago and I have shot the heck out of the thing on the back forty - but I'd like to go a bit more tacticool. The desert camo almost glows at night it seems.


The tube extensions are available in desert camo - I've already installed one not show in that picture but it matches perfectly. But I am looking to put a C-Stock on it if it'll work and maybe do a good OD Green/Gray/Black digital pattern of some sort.


I'll have some explaining to do with the wifey if I do though ... been thinking about just picking up another M4 pre-owned in black to avoid the hassle but at the same time I keep saying to myself, why not just convert this one.


I'm still not completely sure which M4s will accept C-Stocks and which ones will not.

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As far as I know (I've been out of the M4 game for a few years until last night), I believe that they will all accept the telestock EXCEPT the 11701 and 11703, which are both models from years ago.


If you decide to send it somewhere to be refinished, I've read good things about L.T.M. Refinishing. I've never sent them any business-- I had my rifle done by R.I.P. Custom in Texas, but they are no longer in business, I believe.




Join one of the sites mentioned on their main page, and you can get the work done for a 10% discount.

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I thought Benelli did a pretty poor job with the tan M4. The color isn't right. Plus, they didn't bother to coat much of the gun unlike is displayed in their advertisement photographs. The rear sight housing, top rail and many other parts aren't even coated.


I'd wager to say that none of these tan M4's have been fielded in countries ran by the practicioners of the religion of peace.


Collectable? I'd say not. They're cheaper than a regular 11707.

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When I looked yesterday, I saw one or two that were like 1550 - 1600 for the 11717. All the 11707's are expensive right now. Most seem to be at 1600 - 1700. They're pretty pricey right now for some reason.


I just bought an 11707 last night from an online dealer for $1550 on GunsAmerica. I probably could have done a little better than that, but didn't want to wait for one to pop up. My dealer quoted me $1520, but his distributor is calling for a minimum wait of 60 days, and I didn't want to chance it.


I bought one of the M1014's when they were first released in 2004 (serial number 7XX) brand new for less than what the M4's are selling for today. I sold it and later bought an 11707. I got fed-up with all the compliance parts crap and sold it too. Now, here I am again with a third M4. And I missed the $200 rebate by a few months. I just read a few days ago about the new compliance parts that are supposed to be released soon, and plopped down the cash on this new M4 a few days later. Talk about impulsive buying. LOL!

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If you're thinking pretty seriously about having it re-done, and you say the tan kind of "glows-in-the-dark" then I'd consider trying an inexpensive first route. . . . KRYLON paint.


Make sure you degrease the shotty first, then spray some areas over the tan to darken it a bit.


Worst case scenario, it's just paint that'll get take off at a coater of your choice later(Cerakote, Duracoat, hydro-dipping, etc.)


IF you like it. . WO HOOO, better than the savings of switching to Geico!!


There was a guy that posted on here about 3-4months ago that had done some kick-ass coatings on many kinds of firearms, but forget his name. . . dangit!!


Anyway, my $.01 worth for ya!



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1520$ isn't bad right now. Last year during the rebates, they were 1425 - 1500 for a 11707. Then knock 200 bones off. I've been pissed at the M4 platform as well and looked at alternate routes since I picked up my 11703 in 2004.


The trouble with the M4 is the price of accessories. You can drop a grand on it without even trying. If adding a quality light, expect 2 grand. It's taken me until this year to get the M4 where I wanted it from the beginning.


I wouldn't krylon the M4 black. You won't be happy with it and your wife will really rack you. I'd consider sending it some place like Robar. Get a benefit from the finish. NP3 the internals, Rogard the exterior.

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I've heard the Robar finish is the bomb. Just saw a couple of pistols this past weekend that a bud had who had them Robar'd. Seems like they are out of Ohio somewhere I remember him telling me maybe? He'll probably be able to point me in the right direction. But his were all one color. Do they do cammo patterns?


I've looked into Lauer Duracoat finishes and given them some consideration - but if I knew I could send it off and get it done right to have a one of a kind, I'd probably be willing to justify that with the Mrs. without hurting her feelings.


Robar huh? Their website, robarguns.com, is not popping up for me for some reason. Did I hear something about them being in financial trouble this past weekend as well? Come to think of it, I may have. Something to do with a problem with the patent perhaps?


I was thinking about something by TWN in carbon fiber maybe, like this:




Or maybe this would look good and still be very functional. I want to be frickin' invisible.



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Or this might be pretty dang cool on my M4 ....




Or the one I really like is the Black Reaper ...




What do you think men? If it was yours, what would you do? I'm ready to pull the trigger on a change or either I am going to have to start shopping for a preowned to do ... but I'll probably never be real happy with the desert camo.


How that went down was, my wife called my buddy who owns a gun shop - we're close. It was during the whole Obama scare, and rightfully so, everything was scarce and high dollar. So he calls me and plays the "what if" game with me about which one should he order to put on the rack in his shop. Now remember, this was when there were very few to be had and the desert camo was absolutely bringing two grand a pop. So I said to him, if it were me and I could get them wholesale for the same price, I'd rack the camo version because they are bringing top dollar and the profit margin would be higher.


He takes that as that is the one I would prefer. She buys it, sneaks it in the house and gives it to me on my 50th birthday. She does that with guns all the time and I love her for it but I've got quite a few Franklin Mint type collectibles, especially commemorative leverguns and commemorative 1911s, etc, doing it that way but I am more into the shooters that I can go out and bang up or whatever.


So I want to turn this into something that is tacticool, so-to-speak, but still feels original enough for her to understand that it is still the one she gave me ... something special.


Does that make sense.


Check out those four patterns and give me some feedback. Or even check out all the patterns over at http://www.watertransferprinting.com/Films.html and see if there is anything better that just screams that it needs to go on a M4. Once I do it, once I choose, I'll post the finished pics.

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Understood. You should be okay doing a refinish. If you want to cover your ass, scuff it up pretty good and say you want to refinish it because it means a lot to you.


I like the skull pattern you posted. Carbon fiber lost it's appeal right around the time ricers started abusing it.


Robar's good to go on my ibone.



They do camo jobs, but they won't do fancy stuff like the skulls. It's more of a functional finish. I have NP3 on many small parts. My question to them is how far they will be willing to tear your shotgun apart to do the process. Example: Are they going to remove your recoil tube? Or, will they do the process while it is assembled.


Robar isn't cheap either. You'd be looking at 500$ by the time you paid shipping costs and all. Wait times are usually 2 or 3 months minimum too.


So weigh that next to a simple film finish process.

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You speak of "invisible" for your next paint/finish on the M4.


Here's a thread from another forum for some "invisible" ideas.




Here's one of some Krylon jobs. Granted, some people took extra time & effort, but if you're not made of money, it IS an option.




As for your wife getting upset. .. I don't know her at all. My wife, . . . she's gotten me some kick-ass stuff in the past. I explain to her why I want to trade/adjust/modify something, and she's cool with it. I'm hoping yours will understand as well.


Best of luck. Post pics when you're done though! :)



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There's a do-it-yourself liquid hydroprint kit that you can use to put on your own pattern if you don't want to send it off to be done.


Here's a guy using it. Pretty hokey until you get to the amazing job it does on the items he camo'ed.


Part 1:


Part 2:


He says that http://www.timbersedgecamo.com have the kits for sale.


You could also have it done at one of the many professional places like this one: http://www.liquidconceptsus.com

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  • 4 months later...



This is my first post, and I found out it is an interesting topic.

Feeling old about your piece? Come on, try to keep it~~~~~


I am new to the M4 and I only have three months of experience in firearms. I just got my 11717 and the piece is sitting at my local shop for its 10-day jail time. I can't say my opinion counts since I am only a newbie to the sport but I want to chip-in my share.


The camo version is about $150 more compare to the standard black finishing. Originally I was thinking about the 11707 because it is cheaper, but my LE budds recommended me the camo version because they know I am more of a collector/tacti-cool person than an outdoor actual user.


The 11717 is a collection piece to me, period. I did not have feeling about the camo colors till I realized "it is not another piece in black". I have no plan to use it but maybe for practice and home defense purpose only. I am sure it will be a cool piece to show to budds during a guys-only event in the backyard.


As far as my plan for the add-ons goes... a scope and a light will be too much for me to cover in this year. My c-stock is in the mail and I am debating hard with myself about getting the m80 rail. My problem is I don't feel this piece if without a matching paint job on the c-stock and the p-rail... maybe you should do the same to refresh yours!!


One last thing: it is some saying from my budd before I jump into this sport: "don't buy the piece if you never going to shoot it, and don't sell a piece because you need founding for another piece". I think they were trying to tell me don't waste money to be a collector....


from my 2-cent,

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