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Need Help Deciding on a M1 or SBE


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I need help on deciding which Benelli I should get a M1 Field or a Super Black Eagle? I hunt Turkey, Ducks, Deer, Ground Hog, Pheasants, Rabbit, and Squirrel. I am looking for a 12 gauge, Timber HD, and 26'' Barrel. I am leaning towards the M1 Field.Please help.




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The above info is good but let me recite the old addage:


Tis better to have (the capability) and not to need, then to need and not to have...


I have quite a few guns and as God as my witness, the Super Black Eagle would be my very last one to get rid of. It can simply be used to do too many things from waterfowl, to deer, to even home defense... The M1 would do these too, but if you shoot steel you'd be better off with 3 1/2" SBE. However, if you shoot lead-alternative shot for waterfowl, then the M1 should suit you fine. In my experience I've not found a good 3 1/2" turkey load that patterns very well (I get about the same number of pellets in the killzone whether I'm shooting 3's or 3.5's...

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