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WTT: Saiga 12 for Benelli


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The gun is in the following configuration:

18.5" Barrel with notch and bead sight

3 gas ports in a triangle


JT Magazine well

Four 13 round SGM magazines (12 Reloadable)

Aaredondo magazine clamp and shell stop

A low profile weaver rail mounted on the receiver rail

A Burris XTS-135 red dot

I will trade the items above +\- cash depending on the setup of the Benelli. I will consider all M1/M2 models other than the ones with 18.5" barrels. The Saiga has less than 1000 rounds fired and it runs. I can send video of it working on request.

(Not pictured is the fourth magazine and magazine clamp)


To inquire or make an offer, contact me at:

dyno541 at gmail dot com

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Just because the ATF's "whatever", doesn't make the Saiga worth the prices they are fetching. I had a chance to buy one a few months back stock for $550 and I passed. I just couldn't get past how "cheaply" made they seemed to me. Now, I have seen stock ones going for upwards of $850 because of all this ATF crap. Ridiculous. On a good day those things are worth maybe $300 to "me".


Good luck dude.

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Wrong - it could very well be worth more especially with the ATF's current consideration of sporting shotguns like this. The trade will be done plus or minus cash based on the other party's offer.


silly posts like this are what drove the price up in the first place (panic buying) didnt buy one when they were 350 sure aint gonna buy one now.

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IMO, once one has ironed the kinks out of a Saiga 12 they're likely the most robust and reliable semi-auto shotgun out there, however because of having a detachable magazine it will never be a suitable tactical shotgun, it will always be a novelty/toy. The only role I see for a Saiga as a defensive tool is as something to use in a fixed position or for ambush purposes, and in both cases having support. I don't see it ever being used for shoot and scoot, and reloading on the fly as necessary. Also, a detachable magazine does not lend itself to the immediate changing up types of ammo, another big negative with respect to shotgun tactics.

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In order to "iron out" the kinks of a Saiga...it'll cost upwards of $1200+ the cost of the gun to do so. By that time, the money is better spent on an M4...Saigas will never be ultra-reliable without the added costs and there just isn't enough public interest to warrant anything more than mild industry efforts to do so.

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