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Ti vs steel tubes


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Hello all, I see a lot of interest in titanium mag tubes of late. I must say the Ti is pretty neat stuff.. every one would like to have a ti this or that to show off (hopefully not replacement hip joint). As for a seven round tube, I did some calculations as to weight difference. A steel tube like the ones I'm offering weigh 8.5 oz, a comprable ti tube 4.9 oz., quite a diff... well maybe not. What' s a tube for? With seven rounds of OO buck we have 21.0 oz vs 17.4 oz. that makes the Ti set-up all of 17 % lighter, wow!

As always, I have tubes ready to ship, same price as for the past 5 years $165.

Check out the old SOCOMguy threads here. I also do custom length tubes and special colors. I receintly made a 6 round, two piece tube for a standard M4 for a fellow in New Jersey, apparently state regs in the "Peoples RepubliK on NJ" required it.

Joe ... [email protected]

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Bello... I can't argue about the cost. As for the military... the actual SOCOMguy is now on active duty at Ft Leonard Wood, MO and the father (me) is holding down the machine shop... U.S.N. 1969 - 1973 Ltjg. USS Graham County LST 1176, Little Creek VA. If memory serves, we did a Med cruise with the Austin back in the day.

God bless all of our servicemen and women ( the vets too!)


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SOCOMguy was around before Kip's product came to market and is a straight shooter. Both Kip and SOCOMguy (and SOCOMguy's avatar?) are good people. IMO, it boils down to this: Kip accurately represents his product, SOCOMguy accurately represents his product. Both have named their price. Both are quality people and deserving of whatever they make from your business. Buy the product that you think best suits you for your money.


Just how I see it, and I'm a huge fan of Kip's, but I gotta call this one like I see it. Both guys are on the up and up!

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