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HELP! my M2 has started getting stopages


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i was shooting clay's and after about fifty shells i got a stoppage. very odd! i was shooting 70mm carts and when it stopped it just went click. on looking at the gun i had one shell in the breach, one round in the feed tray and one round in the mag. i ejected the shell and it had not been struck. this happens a few times and then it fires great after a few more shells it starts again. can anyone help!

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When it happens again, look closely at the bolt. You'll find that the bolt head has not completely rotated into battery, thereby not allowing the firing pin to move forward enough to strike the primer. I have an older M1 that used to do it. It had a blued bolt head. I changed it to a newer chromed bolt head and have had no more problems. I've got three other M1's of the same vintage and none of them have ever had the problem.


Various other methods have been put forth but I don't know that there's just one fix. Making sure the bolt is properly lubricated, stronger recoil spring and cleaning have been mentioned with varying degrees of success.

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