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R1 338 win mag


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I bought a R1 338 winchester magnum recently with the black comfortech stock. It shoots great with recoil comparable to my old 30-06 remington semi auto. They dissassemble very easily for cleaning. A monkey should be able to do it in my opinion. It is getting new scope rings as the weaver ones on it have already broken from the recoil. The best groupings I have gotten so far are about 1.5 inches with Federal Fusion 225 grain shells. In my opinion its a great new member to my collection. If theres anyone else out there with this same rifle I'd appreciate any input you have towards shell selection. I have read somewhere that the R1 has a rifling twist rate of 1 per 11 inches which makes the R1 poorly designed for heavy grain rounds. So if that is the case for the 338 magnum as well there could be a major problem for accuracy since the lightest bullets I have seen are 180 grain. Can anyone verify the rifling twist rate for the 338 mag? Looking forward to hearing from you in the mean time I will be out annhiliating deer with it.

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1 in 11 twist rate will stabilize just about any hunting weight bullets commonly available in the 338win. It will certainly stabilize 250 grain bullets and have heard of people achieving good stabilization w/ 1 in 11" and 300 grain bullets. Don't over think it, buy the ammunition you want and test it in your rifle to see how it shoots....



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I also have the R1 in 338 win mag and I am shooting the Barnes 225 grain tipped triple shocks. They feed fine and are accurate. I have a Swarovski 1.5 x 6 x 42 mounted on Tally alluminum lite wt one piece mounts. The rifle has been fired at -25 F and will try this winter to do some -50 F tests fireing. I do plan on loading and shooting the Tubbs Final Finnish to inprove the Accuracy of the barrel. I did put a muzzle brake on it From Wild West guns, not that it needed it but it did help with reaquiring the target with follow up shots.

I really want some extra clips for the rifle, everyone has told me don't hold your breath waiting for them!

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