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Noob question on 922r / M4

JWB 03M5

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First, thanks for all info I've gathered from this site before registering. If this has been answered before I will apologize in advance.

I picked up an original Benelli M4 7 rd. mag tube a LONG time ago before the aftermarket started produceing the US made tubes, and paid a premium price for it! I'd like to retain this tube and make the gun 922r compliant with the pistol grip stock. What other parts can I install to accomplish this? Is there any advantage to the Benelli field stock since it's non-pistol grip?

Thanks again, JWB.

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You can get:

US made follower. brownells or carriercomp have them. I've got kip's and it is perfect (as are all of his parts)

US made hammer. Geisselle is the only one i know of. Available through carriercomp or direct i believe.

US made forend. Several options are available, i havent made up my mind yet on which im going to get. Check out surefire m80 if you want rails or fft's if you want somoething similar to OEM.

Voila, 10 import parts using OEM full length tube.


The field stock does not have an advantage over the fixed length PG stock as far as 922 parts are concerned. They both count as one part. Factory c-stocks are separate from the pistol grip, therefore adding 1 extra part.

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Get two more 'Made in USA' parts (so long as your mag tube is marked 'USA') and you're golden - e.g. magazine follower, replacement hammer from Carrier Comp, FFT handguards or other 'Made in USA' handguards.


I don't see any advantage to having the field stock other than one less 'USA' part needed since the PG will be eliminated.

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Thanks guys. Just what I was looking for a list of parts and where to find them. I'll be looking to keep it as close to original looking as possible so maybe FFT for the forend.

It's a original Benelli tube so no USA marks, that's okay as it matches the finish perfectly.


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To clarify you should buy the following:


1. Carriercomp/Geisselle Hammer.

2. Carriercomp or Brownells produced US made follower.


3. FFT Stock reproduction forearm or you could add a Mesa Tactical Urbino stock. If you decide to go to a collapsible stock, you'll be forced to replace the OEM magazine tube with a US one with the current aftermarket.

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I am also new to participating in this forum, but I have learned a lot from it in the past.


Great advice so far from StrangerDanger and Sukhoi_fan. The only thing I would add is that FFT has an excellent FAQ on their website explaining 922® for the M4. It explains some more of the background info on U.S. parts counts and 922®.



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