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Installing Kip's Pic rail


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I finally get around to installing Kip's rail on my M4 . Have had the gun and rail for months and everything has just sat in my safe because I have been so busy . Gun NIB and rail NIB . Before I even got into this I called Benelli and asked if they could ship me new rail screws because out of the box two screws were chewwed up alittle from them not using the right size screw driver when installing the factory rail . It looked as if the driver slipped out of the slot and left some marks on the top side of the screws . Only 2 of them . They said no problem and took my serial # . So I put the M4 in my Tipton gun vise and took off factory rail . I look at the M4 and from the factory one of the screws chewwed up the top of the reciever when they installed the factory rail . Lots of bare aluminum showing were the screw was trying to go into the reciever . I am a total anal freak zoid and this was bothering me but said WTF am I to do now . I figured it would be under the new rail and I would never see it so I let it go althought I will always know its under there . So now I am putting on the new rail with all new hardwear including the lock washers also that Benelli sent . I start the screws buy hand and everything was fine with 3 of them . 2 of them wont go more than a thread or 2 and then start to bind up a little . I take the other screws out and take off the rail . The bolt is out so I look into the screw holes with my Surefire and all looks good . So I blow everything out with compressed air . I try again and same thing . I even try the old screws , no go . So 3 screws are fine but 2 are binding up a slight bit . After screwing the 2 bad ones in and out a few times just to make sure I am in the threads perfectly I decide to just screw them in and they end up going in fine until ever so lightly start to get tight . So now all 5 screws are in and I had put blue Lock Tite on the threads so I want to just snug them up all the same . With just 3 fingers on my screwdriver I snug up all 5 screws and 2 of them felt as if they were about to strip . I can't believe it . What a complete nightmare . I have worked on my bikes , cars , trucks , motorcycles , boat , guns , knives everything I have ever owned since I was a kid . I am totally anal and careful , it was just like surgery for my M4 and then all this . I couldn't take it and sold the gun without ever firing it . I am getting another but am terrified to take the rail off this 1 because of what may happen . Beside that Kip hasn't had rails in forever . Any one else ever have issues with there M4 from the factory ? For this kind of money everything should be perfect from the factory .

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Wow you are super anal, I was like that too. I finally realized that life is short and you should use the crap out of your equipment. I had safe queens that I pulled out and now have all kinds of nicks, scratches, and holster wear. I am much happier now that I don't worry about that stuff.


I think you should try to get over this because its holding you back from enjoying your equipment. Just think about people who passed away with collections they never got to shoot. More often than not, these collections get sold to people who just don't care and shoot the crap out of the firearms.

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Paragraphs help. I had a hard time reading this block of text.


It has been an issue periodically with the receiver rail holes. The aluminum is quite thin and threads in aluminum are always iffy. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Particularly if it was messed up by the factory. I would have sent the weapon back to Benelli and let them address it.


A proper fitting screw driver is always a plus for applying even torque without damaging anything. Blue locktite is mandatory. The holes and bits should be cleaned with acetone for a really good hold.


Then there is a helicoil route if the screws flat out fail.


I've known several who have epoxied the rail to the receiver. This is a bit extreme and might limit your options in the future.

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It is important to know the fine differences between the factory screws and how they fit with the factory rails versus all the other aftermarket rail / screw combinations......they are small screws so unless you examine them closely they all seem to be the same and fit the same......they don't - which is the source of much of the misery discussed on this topic. Attached is one common screw comparison.


The problems are at least 2 fold.....first, the incorrect thread pitch and second is a greater thread length on most after market screws , it's a small difference but there is a reasoned experience why the factory uses a specified length.


Also, when installing the rail, OEM or otherwise, ALL the screws should be carefully placed and gently engaged with their threads before tightening them......kind of like the bolt tightening pattern when installing a car wheel.....begin to snug each one done about 1/2 turn or so, then do so with the others, until all of them have been sequentially secured.



if you have a screwdriver torque wrench ~8.5" inch / lbs is a safe # for correct screws, +/- a dab of Loctite (blue or red dealers choice)


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Benelliwerkes , Are you saying there are different Benelli screws for the M4 ? Because it appeared that all 5 were the same .


Diabolus , You my friend are probably right . I can't help it thought , I like everything as perfect as it can be . Probably why I'm still single . Either no perfect girls or I drive them crazy ! Maybe I need a pill , LOL !

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