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M4 Disconnector Problem?

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The pictures helped a lot. The hammer is hanging up on the disconnector. When the trigger is let go, the hammer hook should come off the disconnector and engage the trigger hook. So either;   1. Th

Update: A&S trigger guard ordered 😃 Thanks for helping me “pull the trigger” on that 👍🏼

I had the same issue with the Polymer trigger housing and switched to the aluminum one and the FFT trigger worked fine. 

Posted Images

I think it will be ok. I took so little off the hammer it’s hard to tell.

At least now I know how to do the function test! If it isn’t working perfectly, I can use the oem hammer since the trigger guard gives me a new 922r point. Then I can try to buy another FFT hammer alone or worst case, buy another set. 

After your input; Todd’s. and other research plus seeing it with my own eyes, I have learned the shortcomings of that polymer oem trigger guard.


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Wow! I am at work and my daughter just sent me a pic of the A&S package at the house. I ordered it Monday with their regular shipping option. I am in California and they are in Minnesota.



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Assembled my FCG with the new A&S trigger guard that arrived today. Function test perfect out of the box. Cycled dummy rounds several times; all good. I will take her to the desert this weekend for live fire testing. Very pleased with everything so far.


My M4 with A&S trigger guard.jpg

A&S installed left side.jpg

A&S left side.jpg

A&S right side.jpg

Trigger held back.jpg

Hammer coming off disconnector.jpg

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Looks great! What part of California are you from? I've hung out in the Mojave a lot. Being in California, do you have that stock pinned? If not, be careful.


I'd run a little lighter on the lube. With the trigger pack, you want a lubricant on the pivot points of the components held in place by the trigger pin bushing. Then wet to the touch on the the breech latch and the face of the hammer. On the sear contacts, you want a good grease like Brian Enos' Slide Glide. I like their grease since it doesn't stink when it gets on your hands.

Running super wet doesn't give you much benefit in performance and tends to collect carbon and shot buffering media that flies around while the action is cycling.

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Thanks for the info. Some of that excess is from assembly which I wiped off. 
I am in Temecula and go out near Ocotillo Wells often. I do travel through Mojave sometimes.

I drilled and tapped my butt stock button. A tool is required to release it.

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Took the M4 out shooting today to test the A&S with my FFT FCG parts. Everything worked flawlessly. All problems solved.

I noticed the new trigger guard goes in and out of the gun much more easily than the original plastic one, a nice benefit. The pin that holds the trigger guard in has a more precise fit and that pin requires no force (the factory setup required me to hook the bolt handle under the head of the pin and pull out, as described in the M4 manual).


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