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Surefire M80 or other light mounting alternative


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Im looking to mount a light on my M4 but dont want to add too much extra weight to it.


Im a fan of surefire products and I know they build quality stuff, but Im not so sure about spending over 200 bucks for something that I will only use to mount a light. I dont have a need or use for the rail at 6 and 3 o'clock. The only other thing I could think of would be adding a magpul AFG.


Ive seen some mounts for other shotguns that clamp between the barrel and magazine tube and have a small section of pic rail. anybody have one of these and care to chime in on how you like it ? Is the light still pretty easy to reach with your support hand thumb or is it more inconvenient having to **** your grip ?


any input would be much appreciated.

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I've got a Nordic Components bbl/tube clamp with a single rail (you can put the rail on either side or get two rails) and mounted a Surefire X300. I also used the XT07 remote switch and I really like the setup. The switch is right where my thumb sits, has two switches (ON and a pressure pad) plus retains the regular light switches. I went with the NC clamp (and the X300) 'cus with the 14" bbl I was really limited on space, but there's plenty of different clamps that would do the job for you. There's a few more pics in my "albums" section. Just an option.


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BLAM4 Mount. It isn't perfect, but it is the cheapest, lightest and simplest solution for mounting a weapon light.

Stranger you took your M80 off also I see. I did also and now have no where to put my X400. you picture looks clean but will it hold zero for my laser? or would you suggest the BMT?

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