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M4 SBS NFA Approval

Tac Airlift

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Well I finally received my BATFE Tax stamp today for my M4 SBS.


Sent ATF Form 1 on 09/11/11.

ATF received Form 1 on 09/14/11.

ATF cashed check on 09/23/11.

Form 1 status pending on 09/30/11.

Form 1 approved on 03/21/12.

Form 1 mailed on 03/22/12.

Form 1 received on 03/28/12.


I used Quicken Willmaker Premium 2011 to prepare the trust. I tailored the trust language to marry up with specific ATF requirements as it is addressed in the NFA Handbook, i.e., as it applies to the ATF Form 1, ATF Form 5320.20, and ATF Form 5. The other paragraphs of the trust were state specific requirements.


My reasoning for inserting a specific numbered paragraph relative to the ATF NFA requirements was to ensure the ATF NFA approval process was identified for the Form1, "Application to make and register a firearm", the ATF 5320.20 "Application to transport interstate or to temporarily export certain national firearms act firearms", and ATF Form 5, "Application for tax exempt transfer and registration of firearm". The aforementioned specific ATF NFA requirements in my opinion would assure the ATF review specialist that all ATF NFA bases were covered in the trust, and that any beneficiaries upon reading the trust would understand the responsibility of following said ATF NFA requirements.


For those who are contemplating Form 1 or Form 4 approval the waiting time is now six months. During my approval window timeline the wait increased from four to six months. The ATF has had personnel retire without back-filling the positions. With all of the applications that they have now it will only get worse.



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The wait time has been 5-6 months for about two years now. As more states allow NFA ownership, it will only get worse. If Texas allows suppressor hunting , they will be swamped. I personally had my TEXAS NFA GUN TRUST done by an attorney. With the way they change all the laws these days, you can't be to careful. If you want an NFA weapon, now is the time. It wouldn't surprise me if they stop allowing new approvals since so many people are getting into prepping and stock piling weapons.

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Congratulations! Does anybody have a link to some straight forward info on this subject?


Super 33 what specific info are you looking for? I downloaded all the info that I needed from the ATF site. I also ordered all the specific forms needed from the ATF. I also gave them a call and spoke with an NFA ATF specialist to address some questions that I had before submitting my Form 1 and NFA trust.


If I can help let me know.

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Congratulations! Does anybody have a link to some straight forward info on this subject?


Super 33,


I researched the NFA process on the ATF website. I downloaded the applicable handbooks etc. I ordered the applicable ATF NFA forms for no charge. I also called and spoke with a ATF NFA specialist who answered additional questions. There are multiple blogs that speak to the NFA process.


I went with the NFA trust to avoid the hassle of having to get LEO approval and finger prints. There are several NFA gun lawyers that will prepare the trust for you, however after doing the research, I decided that I could create the trust without a lawyers assistance.

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