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Trijicon SRS


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I haven't used the SRS but have had it in my hands and it seemed "clunkier" than the market competitor which I chose. The SRS was just a little to round and stocky aesthetically, which was collaborated by the spec sheets when comparing the SRS to the Aimpoint Comp4S (low battery position)......the SRS weighs about 2 ounces more and is almost an inch wider than the Comp4.


The Comp4 also has no-parallax effect, if you "see the dot-shoot the shot"......the SRS does not make any claims regarding the parallax on their red dot system....I suspect the marketing absence of bragging about it means the answer is no.


I am not sure either the SRS or the Comp4 add functionality over the Aimpoint T-1 when mounted on the Benelli M4. Also, a anti-reflex kill flash is available for the Comp4, as shown, and the Comp4 can be used in combination with the 3X magnifier when cross-decked to over platforms.


These might help. I too would like to see the SRS mounted on the M4 if anyone has some photos.





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Nice write up on Arf.com Thanks Truckcop!!! Benelliwerkes Thanks for your thoughts and all the pics!! One of the first things I noticed when I was checking these out is that Trijicon didn't have a magnifier for it.... Perhaps later....I just like to keep up to date on the latest and greatest cool sights. (I was thinking of it as a 5.56 AR sight) My next optic purchase is going to be an Elcan Specter DR 1-4x for my LWRC REPR. I recently got to handle one thanks to the generosity of a fellow forum member and was impressed



Hookster :)

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I got one of the first shipped from Primary Arms last week. I really like the Brobo QD mounts, but more on that in a second.


Bottom line up front: I really like the SRS and sold one of my T-1s as a result.


Very large FOV, great glass and the 1.75 moa is ideal in my view. Of course, a AA battery powered sight augmented by a solar cell. If you're out in the sun, with the optic on, you can remove the battery and keep on rolling. If you turn it off, it will not restart without inserting the battery. Everyone that has one aside from one guy agrees on this point (AR15.com discussion) he claims he got it to restart in very bright sunlight w/o the battery. I think he's in error, but until I can use it in very bright sunlight myself I won't be sure. Certainly doesn't on a sunny day on the back porch.


It competes very well vs the AP M4 in my view. The key debating point on this is if the asymmetric lens arrangement yields less of a tube effect than the M4. I cautiously say it does, but I have only fooled around with it. Crazy storm messed up my weekend plans to zero it in. Others assert that a "both eyes open" approach means the tube doesn't matter. My view is that it does a bit. Also, if it doesn't matter why did AP make a M4s that moves the battery compartment lower and out of the way?


I also think I found a mount every bit as good as LaRue and probably better. These Brobos are damn nice and everyone should check them out if unfamiliar. Now I know you're up to speed on the ARMs QD mounts on the Elcans. I find them more than okay, but some people bitched about the early versions. These are DAMN nice, clamp with precision, self-adjust and don't even mark your rail.

I may buy another one someday. I'm definitely selling my AP M4s and 3x mag.


Couple of comments above that are in error. They do make a flash killer, just hard to get right now. Same with lens caps that should ship shortly. They also do address parallax so they aren't hiding anything. Not interested in starting a food fight on this topic, but there's no such thing as a TOTALLY zero parallax error optic, even in red dots. Do a google search for points on that. Yes it's nearly nil in an M4 and is probably the same on the SRS. Trijicon writes in their SRS manual that the SRS is set up to be parallax free at 100 yds and suggests a 100 yard zero. Personally. I'm doing a 50/200 zero and will see for myself. I'd be amazed if it's any different from other quality red dots, but admit the jury is still out on that.

Hope this helps!!!

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Hey Big Hat!!!


Thanks for the report! That's great you already have one. The majority of feedback that I'm reading about them is pretty positive. I also believe that the tube effect matters "a bit" I'd love to hear your thoughts after you get it to the range! I like to seeing more quality sights hit the market. I think it keeps all the companies on their toes.


Here's link to the anti reflection device if anyone is interested:






Hookster :)

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Am hearing more and more that even with both eyes open, the SRS has less signature than the M4, regardless of the "tube" portion being "thicker" due to disparity in objective and occular.


Very interesting. Still waiting for more opinions.


Bobro > LaRue.


Andrew Bobro isn't a dick, and his stuff is VERY high quality.

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