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M4 Rail Advice


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Hello guys, need some advice:


I would like to put an optic of some kind on my M4, but...not sure which one, or what.


For kicks, I tried putting my Aimpoint CompM4 on it, but it sat way too high for proper use, could not get a cheek weld, etc. Any suggestions?


Also, I'd like to get a rail system in place or, or, in addition to the front "furniture" what would allow me to mount a hand grip and/or light, etc.


Can you guys steer me in the right direction?



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Other than a Burris Speedbead, they all sit too high for the stock buttstock. Mesa Tactical put an adjustable cheekpiece on their Urbino stock solely for the purposes of using a typical 1913 rail mounted optic. Downside is your head will be too high up for the iron sights without readjusting the cheekpiece.






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You don't 'have' to do anything, it's just that the factory c-stock in the middle position works out suitably well for use with a low mount optic. Alternatively, one could put one of those aftermarket fabric cheekrests (like what's available for the M1A) on the factory fixed stock. Or just don't be all that concerned about 'getting a good cheek weld' when using an optic on the M4.

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Can you please simply answer the question?


Will the standard stock that comes on the M4, not the C-stock, permit an optic to be used?


Or, do I have to install a different stock?


As stated its not necessary, but if you want a better sight picture, an aftermarket cheek riser stock is recommended. No need to jump down the guys throat, we're all here to help everyone.

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And some people are incapable of answering a simple question with a clear answer, apparently.


What was not clear and succinct about my responses???


You have three options and only three options if you want a 'cheek weld' when using a low mount optic on the Benelli M4 -


1) Install a factory c-stock and utilize the middle position

2) Get an aftermarket fabric cheek rest which will easily fit your factory fixed stock

3) Get an Urbino stock with a cheek riser


Then there's the fourth option - Don't be the least bit concerned about a 'cheek weld' on a CQB tactical shotgun.


Is that clear enough??

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