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GG&G recall


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How many folks received the recall e mail from GG&G yesterday?

Apparently their oversized safety has failed to properly secure the trigger group on some weapons.The part installed on my M4 has been fine.Not being a gunsmith,I'm curious wether these fail over time or the tolerances on the trigger groups vary enough to cause some safeties not to engage?Please chime in on observations and opinions.Just for snark's sake,thank god my Carrier Comp stuff works and looks perfectly.;)

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I've had mine installed for over a month with no problems. Got the same recall notice TODAY with little explanation other than it may not work with all trigger groups for M1, M2, M3 and M4s. Also, can't find any information on their web site including a notification of a recall??????


I find this very disturbing given we are talking about the "SAFETY" mechanism; something that I would have expected GG&G to test and test and test and test and test before releasing to the public.


Here's the text of the recall:


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That is a *****, I purchased the safety from Brownells therefore I didn't receive the recall notice. Further pissing me off, when I checked GG&G site, not a friggin think about the recall.


Upon reading this thread, I emailed GG&G and received the following.





Hi Crofton


We do have a recall on the safety. Attached is a notice regarding it.


We did not notify you directly because we do not show you purchased it directly from us.


If you have questions, please contact me. Thanks and sorry for any issue.




Brant Sabau

Sales Director

GG&G, Inc.


Ph: 520-571-6018

Fax: 520-748-7583

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Kindof makes buying things from people who do extensive T&E before selling items not so bad, huh?




Friggin ***** getting old, maybe one of the other reasons I wasn't notified is that I don't have a GG&G oversize safety button, I have a "Dave's Metal Works" oversize safety button.


I do have a GG&G Benelli Tactical Bolt release pad.

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Removed the GG&G Benelli Enhanced Safety and put in the factory safety. No changes in operations. However, what I found was with the Mesa Urbino Tacitical Stock, it made no difference with the factory safety. That is, the way the Mesa Tactical Stock "shapes" toward the M4 receiver and therefore the safety operations with gloves is easier and safer. That is, in my opinion, you don't need an enhanced safety (fat button) with the Mesa Urbino Tactial Stock. Good news for my modus-operandi, the GG&G enhanced safety was not really needed. Tactically, I'm still good with the factory safety with the Mesa Ubina Tactical Stock.

:mad: However, I CAN NOT set aside that GG&G pushed a product that had a SAFETY issue. Call me a purist or anal, but when a company sells a SAFETY item that has to be recalled; there is a "fundamental" flaw in that company. I've buried too many fellow operatives when things were flawed with "stamped with fully tested safety compliance". I'm sorry for my emotion, but this item is "fundamental", a "first principle", and "basic" item that can not be set aside as just 'the cost of innovation'. Innovation is good and desirable, but when safety is cut short that innovative idea (company) has to take full respondsibility and be fully "visable" in the problem, blame and fix. I applaud GG&G in being proactive in getting the word out about those that purchased, BUT I'm not confident that there is a full disclosure and "what really went wrong" and "what was the root cause" and how "it will never happen again". Until this is answer in full, I do not recomment GG&G.

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I realize this is a fairly old thread, but I stumbled upon it while looking for information on the DMW oversized safety (and pics of it on the M2). I'm not sure how DMW compares to GG&G in terms of quality control, reliability, reputation, etc., but after hearing about this recall it makes me think twice about aftermarket parts that serve any sort of vital role.

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