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New magazine follower


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I just purchased another super black eagle II for my son. Cleaning I noticed that the red follower in the magazine tube is now aluminum not plastic like mine. It also has a small hole in the bottom of it, won't this allow more gases to enter the magazine tube? Why did they switch?

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What "gases" are you talking about? Air? The magazine tube isn't a sealed container. Regardless, the follower is pressed forward into the magazine when you load it up. A hole in the follower isn't going to make any difference in what can get into the magazine tube. What are you concerned about?

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lol! I wondered when someone was going to point that out.

Ah well... "forest for the trees" and all that. :rolleyes:


If someone gave me a "free" aluminum follower... I'd be pretty happy. Actually, come to think of it, Nordic did give me a free aluminum follower once... and by golly, I was pretty darn happy!




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My guess is that the OP was concerned about residue (unburned powder, "gases", etc) from firing the gun and the ejecting shell would find its way into the magazine easier due to the hole in the follower. At least that's how I read the question.

mysbeII, would you care to elaborate? We really would like to help your understanding.

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Here is my experience and thus my opinion as to why they changed the follower. 

 I was getting hang ups every once in a while. Gun would eject spent hull but not load the next round. This was after years of flawless operation. The problem was a ring of carbon had built up on the plastic follower. You could catch it with your fingernail.  Scraped what would flake off, cleaned with solvent and was back to cycling properly. Broke down my buddy's SBEll and saw that his follower was aluminum with barely any carbon on it and what was there wiped off by hand. A definite upgrade for sure.

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