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Heads up! Gungrabbers now on the move to confiscate and destory your guns


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LOL After King Ahab's (aka BJ Clintoon) speech just two nights ago fully embracing Communism you're gonna fall for the line of propaganda BS from Queen Jezebel's (aka Hitlery) State Dept. on the matter???


If you fall for that line of complete BS from the State Dept. then you're either extremely naive to the MO of the Communists (traced back at least over the last 95 years) or you ARE a Communist. There can be other other explanation.

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America is more Pro-Gun than ever. THAT is a blessing, regardless of other things:




^I know one of these sources is right-wing bias, but look at the source for the polls. It isn't "false hope" just meant to appease a political stance.

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