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Benelli M1 question...


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I was at a local gun shop yesterday when a older man walked in with a Benelli M1. He said he bought the gun new took it home fired 6 rounds through it and said it had too much recoil for his age and just let it sit. He wanted to trade it for a glock. The store owner completed the transaction. After the man let I asked how much he wanted for it and I was told 625 I asked him if he would take 600 he accepted and I picked it up today. I own many guns but know nothing of benelli's was this a fair price to pay for the gun? It's flawless. I cannot even tell its been fired. I loved the look of the gun, so I bought it. Now I'm just checking to see if I overpaid.??

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The M4 is one of the cool guns to get but the M1 is a classic, did it have the folding stock?



if you want to convert it, e-gunparts has one of the largest selections of benelli parts I have seen, not too bad on the price. I have a M1 folding stock kit from there that I am retrofitting to one of my supernovas. I will post pics when done.

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why not, board at work
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back in the day i bought a new m1 super 90 (HK marked) with p/g and factory ext tube on the front for $700 new out the door..still have in the box and has never been fired (ill get around to it when the zombies come)..ya you did fine..enjoy the m1 they are great guns and a pleasure to shoot

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Guest Eogetorenk

The price mainly depends on the condition of the gun as how old the gun is and how many fires have been done with it. But you made a fair deal with it as in some parts it costs about $800-$1000 with second hand

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