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Pro Mag C-Stock Finally Arrives..............

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That was my concern with the Pro Mag c stock, i.e. the (crucial) retaining pin would be substandard material and would fail, and sure enough that's what you experienced.


I know this is an old thread, but I was recently looking into the Pro Mag C stock and ended up buying one based on what I've read in this thread and other places online. Now I couldn't find anyone that has both the Pro Mag and the Benelli collapsible stocks, so I had no idea on fitment compared to the factory version and many of the views on the Pro Mag were vague. Well, I took a chance and bought the Pro Mag, and it was a huge let down. It was very loose, the finish was a gloss black, and the overall look of the frame was cheap. I only shot with it once and after about 40 rounds or so the stock got stuck, I then removed it and looked inside, the pin was peeling from the recoil. I don't know if anyone else has experienced that same problem, but frankly I was pissed. I then decided to take another chance and order a Benelli stock frame, pin, and button assembly from Numrich gun parts, hoping the Pro Mag parts would fit on the Benelli. It turns out the parts are interchangeable, so I put the cheek rest and butt pad from the Pro Mag onto the Benelli stock frame and now it works beautifully and everything ended up costing about $320 in the end. As far as 922R compliance.... I have a Dave's Metal works mag tube, ATI follower, and then the Pro Mag pistol grip, all of which will count as being US made but seeing that the stock itself is comprised of both US and Italian parts I would guess that it won't count as being US made, however there really is no way to tell... But just to be safe I also got a set of FFT US made handguards as well.


So anyway, if you're considering a Pro Mag C stock, I would highly recommend going to Numrich gun parts and ordering a Benelli factory stock frame and button assembly.

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Interesting report. I had tried to buy one of these stocks last year to simply compare it to my OEM stock. It sat on backorder for about 8 months until Promag sent me a letter saying FOAD and cancelled my order.


Another company deserving lung butter only.

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Saw both the Pro Mag and the ATI stocks in a shop in Kansas City.

Those interested, do yourself a huge favor, get the Benelli stock!

5x the quality of the Pro Mag and ATI

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