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Why I keep coming back to the Benelli M4/M1014


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I have owned lots of different firearms from various makers, all more high-end stuff.


Wilson Tactical Supergrade 1911

Les Baer TRS 1911

Glock 19

P226 Elite ST 9mm

P226 Elite ST 357SIG, customized by GGI

Ruger SRH .44 customized by Clark's

Ruger M77 VT

Sabre Defense AR15A2

Noveske 14.5" suppressed M4 (and 12.5 and 10.5" of same)



Etc. etc. etc.


List goes on.


But the M1014 is the epitome of a firearm in my opinion.




First, I am a civilian. I hunt and I go about my business. I do not take on Taliban mobs. If I shoot someone---and I hope I never do, it is likely to be in my home, and only 1-3 people or so.


There has yet to be invented a firearm that has the CQB prowess of the 12ga shotgun. It destroys things. The M4S90 is of course a 12ga.


Second, I have owned 4 of them over the years. I currently own an M1014 with Kip's Ti tube, geissele hammer, an elusive black charging bolt from Kip, and a custom mag release. I sold the C-stock and run the fixed PG stock. It wears Meprolite night-sights.


However, ALL of my M4 shotguns have been 100% reliable. 2.75" bird-shot, or 3" slugs, it eats 'em all. Further, I have YET to see a post from someone with an M4 shotgun that has put a few hundred rounds through it, holds it tightly, and lubes it correctly that says it malfunctions. I have surfed this and other boards for almost half a decade, and I have YET! to see a person with a "problem child" M4 that wasn't a 4-port or other early snafu.


Same for broken parts. Other than a carelessly torn O-ring---I have yet to hear of any. Nada. If the idiots on the internet haven't broken one in the 5 years my ear has been to the ground...DAMN!


Third, they are accurate. With slugs my M1014 likes, it shoots 1/2" 3-shot groups at 25 yards, no problem, off a bench (measured CTC obviously). Also, ALL of my M4 shotguns have shot slugs, and buckshot to the same POA. many shotguns will not do this. You sight in for slug, and the buck is 10" one way or the other or something. I have a couple of 20ga shotguns that are this way. One slings slugs 2' from POA with buckshot at 15 yards.

It also patterns buckshot VERY well.



3 Brenneke Classic Magnum slugs, 25 yards, benched.


3 rounds of Winchester 9-pellet full-power Ranger Buckshot, 25 yards, benched.



Fourth, It is very VERY well designed. I have yet to find anything and say "You know, this is not made well". Sure, there are things that can be made DIFFERENT, such as the rail on top, etc. but the whole thing is made VERY Well. The capacity of 9 rounds total in an 18.5" barreled semi-auto shotgun is VERY impressive.


Fifth, it is a very clean system. It is piston operated and has no funky O-rings like the 1187 series from Remington. It is very durable and reliable with the short-stroke piston design, and user Duggan has put around 10K rounds through his without cleaning it. Just added more CLP. The shotgun is very reliable. Some people harp on the alloy receiver, but it is the same type of design used in the M1 shotguns, which have gone over literally a million rounds. That receiver/barrel assembly is JUST FINE! There is generous tolerances between the carrier and rails, and the trigger assembly strengthens it from the bottom, the barrel tang re-enforces it from the top and the barrel itself from the front, while it has a solid shelf + receiver/recoil tube in the back. It is a very well strengthened system, and the method in which the barrel is wedged into a recoil-slot in the receiver enhances accuracy.


All-in-all, the M1014 stands out above the M4S90 to me, because it does not have removable choke-tubes. These can loosen, fly down-range, and cause other issues. This is why my M1014 is the M4 I have kept the longest, and have no intention of selling. Also, the added 2 rounds capacity over the SBS version is worth the extra 4" of length to me.


Benelli did a masterful job with this, and has turned out a firearm that can control an area from 0-125 yards with serious authority, and provide effective firepower on target for any animal in north America, using the correct buck/slugs/birdshot.


In short, this is why I have either always had, or always been looking for my next M4 shotgun.


They work. They work for a long time. They look good doing it.

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Here is another great example of the engineering that went into this firearm. Notice how smoothly it feeds and cycles? Yes, there is some bolt-bounce, but it is not critical, and is the result of not using a buffer with mobile weights in it like the AR platform.



That's sweet....poetry in motion.....I really like post #1 in the thread also Uno.... we all hang around here for a reason....even after owning these weapons for years they continue to excite us.




Hookster :)

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Love my M1014. Dont have many guns but this is by far my favorite and best made gun.


Why dont you add a 3 position tube to go with the collapsible stock?


Because to me, the only reason to do so is to add an optic, and the main reason that I would add an optic is to run the gun at night with a light, and since I have yet to find a light solution I like, my AR plays the role of night-time usage. The mid-setting doesn't work well with irons with the C-stock, and the "long" setting is the same length, so that's just about looks at that point.

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I'm jealous! I wish I could get my hands on a mint M1014. I guess my 11707 & 11721 will have to do for now.


If you like to hunt, I don't really know why you would want an M1014? You have a permanent modified choke! I like to be able to change out chokes and I was issued an M1014 in the line of duty. To me, my 11721 with Carrier Comp Titanium tube, 922R parts as required, and interchangeable chokes is superior to what I was issued. It isn't even really a question as far as I am concerned. If you are worried about your choke coming out...why not just use some blue lock-tite on the modified? At least you have the option of putting a tighter choke in if you ever want to shoot turkeys!

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I didn't know Glock 19's were "high end" :D


Try finding a Gen 3 with factory Trijicons and get back with me :)

I considered it high-end because it outperformed the Wilson Supergrade and Les Baer in the reliability department and was plenty accurate. But meh, that's belaboring the point. I guess a $550 or whatever pistol isn't exactly high-end, but then, neither is a $1800 shotgun, in the shotgun world, either.

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