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Chamber Lock

M4-Desert Camo

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Elaborate please? I would like to use something on rare occasions.


My kids are older and I don't need to worry about them being curiuos regarding the M4. It's when we have company that might have younger children/teenagers staying with us is when I would feel better locking the gun.


Under those circumstances I would lock it up in my safe. You've got a safe, right?

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It would appear that the "chamber lock" has lugs similar to the bolt head. Guessing the "lugs" mate into the barrel extention and then lock in, effectively blocking the barrel. Why not purchase a "Cable Lock" for under $10.00. After unloading your shotgun and locking the bolt back , place the cable into the receiver from the bottom opening and out the ejection port. Then merely secure the cable to the attached lock and you're good to go...

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