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Looking for a straight stock


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Hi there my first post and let me say thanks in advance to all the help I may get. I have the misfortune of being born in ny and our emperor cuomo has knifed the constitution in the back. My question is I need to find a straight stock for my m4 with pistol grip. Is there any interchangeability with other guns and where can I get one .

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If I understand correctly you are looking for the Straight / Field stock for your M4, right? Not a non-collapsing Collapsible? If so then no, you don't need a different tube - the Field stock spins on and off per the usual method.

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Is there a video or something I can see ?


This one is pretty straightforward - in your case you would just spin the Field stock into place rather than the Collapsible:




Hope this helps,



PS: I'm not affiliated with Ratworx in any way - just found their video first.

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the funny thing is that i dot think the m4 is considered an assault riffle. its not called out specificlly the m2 is,not the m4. then under what is considered definition only a second pistol grip makes it an assault weapon not the first one.oh and a greater then 7 roundmag .so even with the extended ttube if you use 3 inch shells your good stanard well that would be 8

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