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M4 full length mag tubes ready now


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Any possibility you will use titanium for the mag tubing?


Thanks for asking , but I'll leave the TI stuff to CC, he aparently does very nice work with that material and has dedicated fans. I'm set up in my small shop to do the FL tubes in 4130 chrome-moly steel, an outstanding alloy for this application. The weight difference, is actually pretty small, I figure about 3.6 OZ, and when you figure it on a percentage basis for a fully loaded 7 round mag the TI tube is only about 17% lighter.

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Ever consider doing an aluminum tube? It would be lighter than the titanium, corosion resistant, easier to machine and cheaper. Sure, it isn't as strong, but most users aren't beating on their guns that much. Weight savings for gamers might be worth feeling out. I figure if aluminum 7075 receiver extensions hold up just fine one the AR15, a supported mag tube should do just fine.

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Aluminum... I would be concerned that an AL tube with wall thickness sufficient to resist denting would not be that much lighter than the thin wall chrome-moly tube. Any small dent is likley to hang up the follower, preventing feeding.... not a good thing!

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