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Benelli M4 cheek riser for collabsible stock


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I'm wondering if there is a cheek riser available for M4 platform with collapsible stock? I know that Mesa Tactical worked on that but probably they haven't introduced it yet. Here's what Mitch (Administrator) from Mesa wrote about this project:


"Another update, but this is about the stock for the Benelli M1014 that started this thread. I know this thread has morphed into one about the Urbino stock, but it started out discussing collapsing stocks for the M4, so I thought I would put the following information here.As you know, the Urbino stock design includes an optional cheek riser. I have long been interested in the idea of a cheek riser that would be interchangeable among different stock designs. So the Urbino cheek riser was developed with this in mind.The first thing we have tried to do with the Urbino cheek riser is get it to work with the Benelli M1014 collapsing stock. The reasoning behind this goes back to discussions we had with a USMC Lt Colonel some years ago regarding the sharp pointy stock on their M1014s. Some Marines were slicing up their cheeks on these stocks, and we saw several weapons that had rags wrapped around the front of the cheekpiece to protect the Marines from the stock.The Marines wanted a shorter stock, most of all. But we also recognized that the use of optics on the M1014 would require an adjustable cheek riser, for good cheek weld when optics were mounted on the rail.So coincident with the Urbino stock development, we'll probably also produce a very simple system that can be installed on the M1014 skeleton stock to accept the Urbino cheek riser and allow it to be easily adjusted in the field. Conceptually this is similar to the system described on the first page of this thread, but the execution is simpler.Here is the prototype Urbino cheek riser installed on a prototype of the cheekpiece support for the Benelli M1014 skeleton stock:




This is in its highest position, over an inch high. Actually, for use with most optics, you would have it a bit lower for optimal cheek weld.Remember, this is simply an adjustable cheekpiece for existing Benelli M1014 collapsing stocks. We have not yet committed to producing a collapsing stock for the Benelli M4.".


Any comments...

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It doesn't even look like you could collapse the stock with that riser in place. It would run into the receiver. The issue is that stock is on a M1014 M4, so it doesn't have the notches to actually collapse. That's like due to MT being located in Californiastan.


I personally never had a problem with the cheek weld of the M4. The only issue that arises is when you try to shoulder it from the fully collapsed or middle position. Since the stock slides upwards along the receiver extension, it changes the cheek weld height as it collapses. You end up looking over the iron sights in the middle position. This is ideal when using an optic like a low mounted Aimpoint T1.

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