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Super Black Eagle II


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For all of you that wonder or have a super black Eagle II and say or think that it cannot cycle light loads or the finish wears off.....Your all wrong! I have put my benelli through some extremes lately and have shot light loads aprox. 3000 @ clays without 1 malfunction, the wear an tear on my gun is about what is expected with any shotgun! The Super Black Eagle II Rocks......Period!!!!!


And for all the X2 winchester fans....Please!!!!! It may cycle faster but who can shoot a 12 gauge to it's full potential that fast? The benelli cycles fast enough for most users...so, Who even cares about a nano second? B.S. if you ask me!!!!


If you wonder if benelli is worth the money...I have to say most definately, Don't waste your money on an inferior shotgun, buy the best...a Benelli!!!!


Also...After my first trap session (600 rounds) the only thing dirty on the gun was the barell...No gas operating system to mess with!



Take it for what it's worth..just my .02 cents!

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Speed is pretty much a non issue - didnt you see the Tom Knapp (Bennelli's demo shooter) shoot 10 self hand thrown clays in 2.2 seconds before they hit the ground :eek: using the Benelli inertia driven system. Fast enough? I think so. Talk about flock shooting potential! :D I have no problems with the X2, but I like the Benelli better. It's easier to clean & maintain, etc.. I also like the way it handles and shoots more than the X2, but thats all personal preference. Buy what you like, but speed is there on all the major brands.


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I'll give you the speed question, but what good is it without reliability? I will never need the types of speed they need for a popper type competition course while I am hunting (the 10 shots in 2.2 is way beyond any practical need I will ever have.). I have seen the X2 and Golds (Same basic gun with different levels of add-ons for those who are not aware) jam up in bad weather while hunting (not on a closed sourse in controlled conditions), which is what led me to Benelli. Maybe they should remove the claim, but I think it's splitting hairs for that claim & the reliability issue is much more substantial. IMHO.


I know your a Benelli guy anyways from the pics, so you already know the pro's/con's. In the end, its still just a good point for healthy debate. I would still own an X2 if I felt the need to have another one, just happy with what I already have.


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I own two BGH's that run fine - they need oil - but they run fine - the BGH patterns steel very well.


I have owned many Benellis - they all ran fine - they all patterned steel poorly.


I don't shoot steel anymore, so I don't much care.


The really good 3-gun shooters can lock up any Benelli auto in 3 shots or less. These same guys cannot lock up an X2. Apparently, the X2 breaks in well and really works great for these comp shooters.


Tom Knapp admits that his best times are in the .13 range. Some of these X2 3-gun pros are already at .10 range and may be close to .099 soon.


It's not splitting hairs, the X2 is a much faster gun.


The problem here is that the real pros know the truth. And when it is proven that a claim is untrue, the entire brand takes a hit in the credibility department.


I want to be able to defend my preferred brand with the truth....


mudhen - CA

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The X2 is still over twice as fast as the 'hammer' shotgun....


mudhen - CA

240 rpm so your saying that you can shoot four shots in one second manually? lets see let me calculate this... OH yeah its impossible! maximuim recorded recovery time in a semi-auto is .26 seconds plus the time for the gun to be ready .11 second thats .37 seconds hey look it's more than a fourth of a second.


[ 05-29-2005, 03:02 PM: Message edited by: The_Gun_Guy ]

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TGG - do you ever get tired of being wrong?


You are giving the Sacto area a bad name - no wonder the Maloofs want to move the Kings!


The fastest guy currently can shoot 5 shots from an X2 in .51 seconds or .102. He is trying to break .10, but hasn't yet, even the mightly X2 may not be able to do it.


.11, .12, & .13 are commonplace. Benellis start to lock up between .12 & .13.


I'll admit I was shocked to learn about the X2's speed, I always thought the Benellis were the fastest.


Tom Knapp can shoot (and hit) 10 clays in 2.2 seconds for a .22, and I recall he states his fastest times run in the .13 range.


I think you need to 'edit' your message a bit more - just block it and hit delete.....


mudhen - CA

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It has to do with Wal-mart. And a few people that "trust it". Normally I would copy and paste the whole page but it would probably be too big a post aside from being a copyright infringement.


I assumed that you would go nuts becasue I was going nuts and I wasn't the one that was compelled to post "Browning at Wal-Mart" or the famous "Is 'dem bullits'?"

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